Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1050 - A tyrannical thrashing

Chapter 1050: A tyrannical thrashing

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Immediately, a groan rang out, and Yamamoto Tsubasa’s expression drastically changed. The intense pain in the back of his knees caused a cold sweat to drench his forehead. He hobbled back a few steps.

Yamamoto Tsubasa might’ve retreated, but Ye Wanwan swiftly shot forward and raised her left arm, as though she was about to slap the right side of Yamamoto Tsubasa’s face.

Almost reflexively, Yamamoto Tsubasa raised his arms to block her.

Seeing this, Ye Wanwan lowered her arm and looked at Yamamoto Tsubasa’s raised arm position with amusement.

“You played me?!” Yamamoto Tsubasa quickly regained his wits and angrily glared at Ye Wanwan.

However, as soon as Yamamoto Tsubasa spoke, Ye Wanwan raised her left arm again.

Upon seeing this, Yamamoto Tsubasa entered defensive mode reflexively again.


Ye Wanwan snorted. She raised her right arm and viciously slapped Yamamoto Tsubasa’s left cheek.

“I’ll kill you!”

Yamamoto Tsubasa immediately shouted after being slapped and slashed his hand at Ye Wanwan’s neck like a blade.

Ye Wanwan stood unmoving in her spot but firmly caught Yamamoto Tsubasa’s hand in a fraction of second.

Her left arm was like a clamp, astonishingly strong. Yamamoto Tsubasa wouldn’t be able to extract his hand in a short amount of time.


Ye Wanwan held Yamamoto Tsubasa’s right hand and mercilessly slapped his face with it.

“Still want to fight?”

Ye Wanwan asked as she calmly looked at Yamamoto Tsubasa and his swollen face.

“Woman, you’re dead!” Yamamoto Tsubasa fiercely glared at Ye Wanwan.


Following Yamamoto Tsubasa’s comment, Ye Wanwan delivered another merciless slap on his face.

“Still dead?” Ye Wanwan sneered, the cold glint in her eyes flashing.

She was able to take care of this man quickly, but she changed her mind as soon as she thought back to this piece of trash’s words from earlier.

Everyone present was stupefied and rooted to their spots.

Then Yamamoto Tsubasa released an angry roar and stopped trying to get out of Ye Wanwan’s hold. Instead, he tightly clutched Ye Wanwan and wanted to use the force behind his clutch to push Ye Wanwan down.

However, Ye Wanwan had sharp eyes and an agile body. When Yamamoto Tsubasa was about to grab her, she bent her body slightly and gathered all the power in her body to one point and unleashed it explosively.

From an onlooker’s point of view, it was like Ye Wanwan grabbed Yamamoto Tsubasa and bent backward, slamming him to the ground heavily.

The loud sound alone seemed painful to everyone.

Sun Lizhong looked at Ye Wanwan with disbelief brimming in his eyes. The powerful Yamamoto Tsubasa was nothing but a toy in this woman’s hands…

Every one of Yamamoto Tsubasa’s attacks was foreseen by Ye Wanwan, and she responded beautifully to them. Although Ye Wanwan’s speed and strength didn’t match up to Yamamoto Tsubasa’s, her martial arts and wrestling skills surpassed Yamamoto Tsubasa by a galaxy… These two people were on entirely different levels!

The people from the Sun and Qin families who mocked and ridiculed Ye Wanwan in all sorts of ways earlier had now sunken into silence. They looked at her nimble figure like they’d seen a ghost.

The area was dead silent.

How could a seemingly tiny and fragile body contain such frighteningly explosive strength? And how did she see through Yamamoto Tsubasa’s attacks and movements…

Ye Wanwan suppressed Yamamoto Tsubasa with every attack and Yamamoto Tsubasa was utterly defenseless against her. If this was a life-or-death match, Yamamoto Tsubasa would’ve been beaten to death a long time ago…

This woman… is simply too terrifying…

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