Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1051 - So secretive

Chapter 1051: So secretive

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After Yamamoto Tsubasa crashed to the ground, he laid there, unmoving.

From the looks of it, Ye Wanwan’s smash probably caused some internal damage.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

It was dead silent for a few seconds before everyone finally reacted, and a storm rolled over them.

“D-damn! So strong!” Bing Xin exclaimed from the Sun family’s side, his eyes as bright as two lightbulbs.

“I didn’t expect Miss Ye to secretly be so skilled…” Zhou Hen’s feelings were complicated.

“No wonder she wasn’t interested in going on stage! She’s on a completely different level than us!”

“I thought our miss was already outstanding in her generation, but it appears no matter strong you are, there’s always someone stronger!”

As for the Qin family, the five experts were incredulous as they looked at the girl who defeated Yamamoto Tsubasa.

They didn’t dare to believe that Yamamoto Tsubasa, who defeated Wolf King Senny and rendered Sun Xuezhen and their miss defenseless, was actually defeated by this fragile and dainty woman…

This woman’s strength was actually stronger than Miss Ruoxi!

No… her strength surpassed Miss Ruoxi’s by too much!

“This is my d*mn first time seeing a woman skillful to this extent!”

“No wonder Si Yehan appointed her to be the representative of the Si family!”

“Right?! I bow to her!”

When the five guards of the Si family heard the other experts’ endless exclamations and conversations, they felt their blood boiling and thought they were dreaming.

“O-our miss is actually this impressive?”

The five of them looked at each other, bewildered. They all felt their faces flushing due to their previous misjudgments of her.


“Master, how are you?!”

Yamamoto Tsubasa’s two disciples turned pale with fright and charged onto the stage.

“You… y-you…” Kawada looked at Ye Wanwan like she was some freak.

Ye Wanwan languidly walked forward with raised brows. “What?”

When Kawada and the other disciple saw Ye Wanwan suddenly walking forward, they instantly scrambled backward. “Don’t come over!”

How could they have the nerve to be brash if even Yamamoto Tsubasa got beaten up like this?

Ye Wanwan continued walking toward Yamamoto Tsubasa.

The two disciples froze as though their feet were nailed to the stage and didn’t dare to move.

Ye Wanwan slowly reached the groaning man. “Do you want to go easy on me again?”

As soon as Yamamoto Tsubasa heard that, his face drained of color and his body started spasming. “N-no! I admit defeat! I admit defeat! It’s my loss!”

He was too careless this time. He never would’ve thought this woman would be stronger than him. Whether it was 10 or 100 rounds, the ending would be the same.

The people below the stage might be unaware, but he knew how serious his injuries were after that match. He absolutely couldn’t have another match with her, unless he had no desire to live anymore.

This woman didn’t only have frightening strength, but her attacks were also too vicious!

When the people below the stage heard Yamamoto Tsubasa’s admission of defeat, excitement overran them.

“Well beaten! Who told him to have his nose so high up in the air!”

“China’s martial arts stretches far back in history and is broad and profound! How dare you come to our lands and behave so atrociously!”

In the end, Yamamoto Tsubasa was carried by his two disciples and fled with his tail between his legs under a torrent of insults.

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