Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1049 - You’re too weak

Chapter 1049: You’re too weak

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“How… how could this be possible…”

Everyone was rooted to their spots like they were petrified as they looked at the fallen Yamamoto Tsubasa. Their mouths opened imperceptibly, but they couldn’t utter a word.

This was like a dream. Yamamoto Tsubasa, who defeated Wolf King Senny in one hit, was sent flying back dozens of meters when faced with the seemingly weaker Ye Wanwan!

“Did he deliberately go easy on her?!”

A martial artist from the Sun family had a deep frown on his face. No way did he believe that Yamamoto Tsubasa could be defeated with one strike by Ye Wanwan!

“Go easy… are you joking? The Si representative was using Strength of an Inch just now… Every inch was more explosive than before. Yamamoto Tsubasa didn’t even have time to react, so how could he have gone easy on her!” a martial artist exclaimed with a fervid expression.

Anyone who had a foundation in martial arts could tell with a glance whether there was any leniency in a fight between experts. The majority of the martial artists present could perceive Qin Ruoxi going easy on Sun Xuezhen earlier, not to mention the overwhelming explosive strength from Ye Wanwan.

From the VIP seats, Master Mu suddenly shuddered and looked at Ye Wanwan in astonishment. The aura around the girl completely changed when she attacked.

More importantly, why were the instantaneous, explosive moves and style coming from Ye Wanwan so familiar…

Wolf King Senny’s eyes also shot open in disbelief. Other people might not understand Yamamoto Tsubasa’s strength, but he fought Yamamoto earlier and was one-hit K.O.’d, so how could he not know Yamamoto’s strength?

Yet that Si representative who supposedly didn’t know martial arts…

A few seconds later, Yamamoto Tsubasa slowly stood up, and a cold glint flashed through his eyes as he stared at Ye Wanwan.

“You’re too weak…” Yamamoto Tsubasa sneered. “I purposefully allowed you to punch me just now. Unfortunately, I barely felt it—how disappointing.”

In Yamamoto Tsubasa’s opinion, this woman was quite strong, but she only got the better of him because he wasn’t on guard at all. Of course, he wouldn’t say that in front of everyone.

When everyone heard Yamamoto Tsubasa’s words, realization dawned on them. It turned out that Yamamoto Tsubasa was deliberately going easy on Ye Wanwan and allowed her a punch…

“Heh… I actually thought that woman had some talent. But after all this fuss, it turned out Yamamoto Tsubasa deliberately went easy on her,” Sun Xuezhen said with a scoff.

Qin Ruoxi also relaxed slightly, but her hands were still curled into tight fists…

“But… I have to say, that woman has quite some strength,” a certain disciple of the Sun family commented.

Meanwhile, Yamamoto Tsubasa was watching the expressionless Ye Wanwan with a bone-chilling smile sliding over his face. Immediately after, he strode toward Ye Wanwan.


The sound of wind was heard then Yamamoto Tsubasa swept his leg up with his hands inside his pant pockets, a nearly perfect combination of strength and speed behind the kick.

Yamamoto Tsubasa defeated Wolf King Senny with this exact same move earlier.

Upon seeing that, the Sun and Qin families watched from the side in amusement. Even Wolf King Senny was knocked out without a chance to retaliate by this kick, so they reckoned this Si representative would probably be crippled by this kick.

Nonetheless, there was also quite a lot of people present who were worried about Ye Wanwan. After all, she was only a mere girl and wasn’t a martial artist. Wasn’t Yamamoto Tsubasa’s attack too vicious?


However, before anyone could react, Ye Wanwan performed an identical kick directed at Yamamoto Tsubasa.

Although the speed and strength behind Ye Wanwan’s kick weren’t as perfect as Yamamoto Tsubasa’s, she used a very tricky angle. Before Yamamoto Tsubasa could make any adjustments, Ye Wanwan’s kick mercilessly landed right behind his knee.

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