Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1046 - How could I tolerate that?

Chapter 1046: How could I tolerate that?

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Even Qin Ruoxi, Sun Lizhong, and Sun Lizhong were frozen in place, dumbfounded.

They were well aware of Wolf King Senny’s strength, but this karate genius from Country R defeated Wolf King Senny in one move…

Yamamoto Tsubasa kicked Wolf King Senny several meters away.

Sun Lizhong immediately had someone go and help Wolf King Senny up.

“Don’t go too far!”

The ten experts from the Sun family and the Qin family immediately surrounded Yamamoto Tsubasa.

“A bunch of trash… No matter how many people you have, you’re still trash, okay?” Yamamoto Tsubasa said with a chuckle as he watched the ten people.

“Go!” the strongest member of the Qin group shouted and waved his arm forward, leading the other nine people to attack Yamamoto Tsubasa.

However, the ten of them were sent flying back by Yamamoto Tsubasa in an instant.

“This…!” Sun Lizhong was in utter disbelief, stupefied.

“Step forward, the three representatives from the Sun family, the Qin family, and the Si family!”

Yamamoto Tsubasa took a step forward and walked onto the stage, his fingers pointing at Ye Wanwan, Qin Ruoxi, and Sun Xuezhen.

Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen both had deep frowns on their faces. This person was terrifyingly strong. He defeated even Wolf King Senny in one move, so how could they take him on…

“What? Scared? If you’re scared, then you can attack me together. I don’t care. Otherwise, if you make me invite you over personally, I might end up killing you today.” Yamamoto Tsubasa snorted as his eyes swept over the three of them.


Anger flitted in Sun Xuezhen’s eyes as she prepared to go up.

However, Qin Ruoxi blocked Sun Xuezhen immediately.

“Xuezhen, don’t act rashly…” Qin Ruoxi said with a frown.

“Ruoxi, the martial artists from Country R are on our doorstep! How could I tolerate that?!” Sun Xuezhen shouted angrily.

“Can you defeat him?” Qin Ruoxi retorted.

Sun Xuezhen was rendered speechless. The strength of this Yamamoto guy was tyrannical from the beginning.

Ten Sun Xuezhens wouldn’t be enough to defeat Yamamoto Tsubasa.

Even if Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen teamed up, they couldn’t take a few of his moves.

“What? You really won’t attack?!” Yamamoto Tsubasa scoffed at Sun Xuezhen. “Your Sun family is truly full of cowards. I’m already provoking you like this, but you still endure it.”

His words successfully triggered Sun Xuezhen. She couldn’t hold back any longer and disregarded Qin Ruoxi, leaping onto the stage.

When Qin Ruoxi saw that, she had to do the same.

“Oh… it appears you have a backbone,” Yamamoto Tsubasa commented with a sneer.

“Yamamoto Tsubasa, you’re too arrogant!” Sun Xuezhen shouted icily.

“You think I’m arrogant? Then show me your strength.” Yamamoto Tsubasa scoffed.

“You’re asking for it!”

Sun Xuezhen angrily roared and attacked Yamamoto Tsubasa like a flash of lightning.

Upon seeing that, Qin Ruoxi had no choice but to attack as well.

Yamamoto Tsubasa stood on the stage unmoving with a derisive smile on his lips. He allowed Sun Xuezhen and Qin Ruoxi to attack however they wanted, while he nimbly dodged with his arms behind his back.

The two women launched dozens of attacks but weren’t able to touch even the corner of Yamamoto Tsubasa’s clothes.

Sun Lizhong had a deep frown on his face. Yamamoto Tsubasa was too strong. Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen weren’t a match for him at all.

“You are the representatives for two of the three major patrician families in China…? You’re a giant disappointment. Chinese martial artists are truly garbage and not worth mentioning,” Yamamoto Tsubasa said with a light sigh in between his dodges.

After saying that, Yamamoto Tsubasa’s right leg shot out like an arrow and slammed into Qin Ruoxi and Sun Xuezhen with explosive strength.

The two women couldn’t withstand it and fell down from the stage.

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