Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1045 - Mustn't be agitated

Chapter 1045: Mustn’t be agitated

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The newcomers had Asian faces but weren’t Chinese. They looked like they were from the countries near China instead.

There were three men in total. The leader wore a suit with a swept-back hairstyle and had a grin on his face, resembling a gentleman.

“Who are you?!” Sun Lizhong angrily shouted as he stared at the man in a suit.

“Oh… me?” The man in a suit pointed at himself before saying with a smile, “Yamamoto Tsubasa.”

“Yamamoto Tsubasa… from Country R?!” Sun Lizhong’s face instantly darkened.

The martial arts culture between Country R and China had always clashed quite intensely.

“Yamamoto Tsubasa… supposedly the top karate genius from Country R…” Wolf King Senny thoughtfully commented.

“Oh… the genius who defeated the head of karate in Country R, Satō-san?” Sun Lizhong was startled.

Yamamoto Tsubasa’s fame rang in Country R’s karate world like a clap of thunder, so Sun Lizhong naturally knew about him.

“You’re not welcome here!” Sun Lizhong promptly yelled at Yamamoto Tsubasa.

Due to their intense conflict, the martial arts experts in Country R and China didn’t have amicable relationships.

“Tsk tsk…” Yamamoto Tsubasa snorted. “It doesn’t matter whether you welcome me or not.”

Then, Yamamoto Tsubasa pointed at Qin Ruoxi, Sun Xuezhen, and Ye Wanwan. “What? Is everyone in China’s three top patrician families dead? You actually sent out three women as representatives… Aren’t you ashamed?”

“What did you say?!” Sun Lizhong furiously roared.

“Don’t be agitated, you mustn’t be agitated…” Yamamoto Tsubasa lightly chuckled and pushed up his glasses. “Don’t be agitated, you mustn’t be agitated. I’m not targeting your Sun family… What I mean is that everyone here is trash… You should stick to being businessmen. Chinese people’s genetics aren’t good enough for martial arts.”


Sun Lizhong harshly clenched his teeth with rage. Did Yamamoto Tsubasa come here to seek death?!

The man’s words offended everyone here!

“They say that China’s three major patrician families are very strong… You happen to hold a martial arts conference today, so I planned to beat the three representatives of China’s three major patrician families to death… Or we could let the three representatives kill me. How about that?”

“You’re dead!”

Sun Xuezhen stepped forward at once.

However, Wolf King Senny blocked Sun Xuezhen and looked at Yamamoto Tsubasa. He snorted. “I heard your karate was superb, so I’ve wanted to test it myself for a while. Since I bumped into you today, I can’t let this chance pass me by.”

“Oh… Wolf King Senny, this matter has nothing to do with you. Don’t go begging for humiliation, alright?” Yamamoto Tsubasa said with a chuckle.

Upon hearing this, anger erupted in Senny. A cold glint flashed in his eyes and he raised both fists, unleashing all of his strength before charging toward Yamamoto Tsubasa.

Excitement shot through everyone when they saw Senny attacking.

However, Yamamoto Tsubasa merely sighed. In a fraction of second, his right arm was raised and was fiercely slashed toward his opponent like a blade.

In front of everyone, a karate chop landed on Senny’s neck.

With a groan, Senny collapsed onto the ground.


Yamamoto Tsubasa walked up and stepped on Senny’s back. “I told you. You’re all trash… Yet, you just had to ask for humiliation. What was the point?”

This scene overwhelmed everyone with shock and stunned them. This genius of karate from Country R… actually obliterated the Muay Thai champion, Senny, with a one-hit K.O…

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