Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1044 - Don't be courteous

Chapter 1044: Don’t be courteous

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“The Si family’s expertise doesn’t lie in martial arts; they’re a business patrician family. Yet, you just had to make the Si family representative fight with a daughter of a martial arts patrician family. What’s the reasoning behind this? Don’t bully people!”

Immediately, many audience members spoke up on Ye Wanwan’s behalf.

If Ye Wanwan was a martial artist, it would’ve been normal for her to go on stage and fight. However, she was obviously an average person without any knowledge of martial arts. Forcing her to go on stage and fight was truly too inconsiderate.

Ye Wanwan turned to look at the referee team and calmly stated, “I went on stage since going on stage is part of the rules. There shouldn’t be any issues if I forfeit now, right?”

If her opponent was Nameless Nie and the others, she would certainly fight this match even if she knew she would be trampled bloody. However, reneging on her promise to these people was a bad bargain no matter how she thought about it.

Sun Xuezhen and Qin Ruoxi weren’t qualified to even be instructed by her. Wouldn’t she be helping them if she fought them? Moreover, she really had no desire or interest in fighting them.

“The Si family representative forfeits. The Sun family is in first place, the Qin family is in second place, and the Si family is in last place.”

Soon, a referee announced the results.

The guards from the Si family sighed. If they knew this would be the result, they wouldn’t have come today…

In the VIP seats, Wolf King Senny spoke with Sun Lizhong briefly before standing up and walking toward the stage.

“Wolf King Senny will compare notes with my daughter. Welcome!” Sun Lizhong exclaimed with a grin.

Thunderous applause instantly resounded from everyone.

As Sun Xuezhen watched Wolf King Senny walking onto the stage, her expression was rather excited.

Soon, Wolf King Senny was standing on stage and looking at Sun Xuezhen. He nodded and placed his hands behind his back. “Start as you wish. Don’t be courteous.”

Sun Xuezhen nodded and promptly utilized everything she knew to attack Wolf King Senny.

However, the Muay Thai champion could easily block Sun Xuezhen’s attack with a mere finger.


Sun Xuezhen was astonished and filled with disbelief. Although she knew he was very strong, she didn’t realize he was strong to this degree…

“You might be fast, but your strength is a bit weak. Please continue,” Wolf King Senny stated.

Sun Xuezhen flushed red upon hearing that and used all her strength to attack him.

However, every full-forced attack was easily dismantled by Wolf King Senny. If he was genuinely her enemy, she probably would’ve died a countless number of times already.

During the fifth bout of attacks, Wolf King Senny appeared to have lost interest and broke Sun Xuezhen’s move before pressing her to the ground with a palm.

“I… lost…” Sun Xuezhen said while staring at Wolf King Senny.

“Yes, you’re still young. You’re quite decent already,” Wolf King Senny politely said before extending his arm toward her.

Ye Wanwan thoughtfully watched the fight between Sun Xuezhen and Wolf King Senny. The strength of this Wolf King didn’t seem… that great either…

Could it be that I find everyone average because I hung out with Nameless Nie and his group for too long…?

She hadn’t fought for a while nor had she compared notes with Eleven and Feng Xuanyi, so only she knew her recent improvements.

Suddenly, a commotion was heard from the entrance, and everyone looked over.

A giant “Bang!” and several security guards flew backward like snipped kites.

Sun Lizhong immediately stood up and looked at the uninvited guests.

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