Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1047 - A bunch of garbage

Chapter 1047: A bunch of garbage

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“A bunch of garbage,” Yamamoto Tsubasa remarked with a sneer as he swept his eyes over everyone except for the fallen duo.

Without waiting for anyone else to speak, Yamamoto Tsubasa looked at Ye Wanwan, who was sitting in the audience area. “Representative of the Si family, do you plan to come up yourself or do you want me to come over and beat you to death?”

Ye Wanwan completely ignored him and stood up.

She left the audience area and looked at the patriarch of the Sun family. “Since the conference has finished, I’ll bid farewell.”

Yamamoto Tsubasa was obviously targeting the Sun family and came to cause trouble. The Sun family’s private disputes weren’t a part of the martial arts conference.

Sun Lizhong had a dark expression but didn’t say anything.

“Mr. Mu, I welcome you to visit the Si house whenever you’re free.” Ye Wanwan turned to look at Master Mu in the VIP section.

“Okay, I’ll definitely visit when I have time, Miss Ye,” Mu Suifeng replied.

Ye Wanwan nodded and told the five Si family guards, “Let’s go.”

Immediately, the guards followed Ye Wanwan and prepared to leave.

However, Yamamoto Tsubasa left the stage in a flash and blocked Ye Wanwan’s path. He looked at Ye Wanwan and sneered. “Representative of the Si family… It looks like you’re a very unique piece of trash, am I right?”

Ye Wanwan frowned when she heard this and said, “Then you’re very unsavory trash.”

“Oh…? In your eyes, I’m also a piece of trash, huh?” Yamamoto Tsubasa replied with interest.

“Please move aside. China has a saying, ‘A good dog doesn’t block someone’s path’. Have you heard it before, sir?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Sun Xuezhen, Qin Ruoxi, and the other people were secretly sneering at Ye Wanwan. This woman was truly courting death. The two of them had experienced Yamamoto Tsubasa’s terrifying strength for themselves.

An ignorant person was truly fearless!

“Yamamoto Tsubasa, although this miss is the representative of the Si family, she’s merely the Si patriarch’s girlfriend and doesn’t know martial arts, so please don’t torment her and allow her to leave,” Sun Lizhong said with a frown.

After all, this was the Sun family’s territory. If anything happened to Ye Wanwan, it would be difficult to explain to the Si family.

“Oh… she doesn’t know martial arts, yet she became the representative of the Si family… It turns out she’s the lover of that invalid from the Si family… Hahaha…” Yamamoto Tsubasa started laughing with ridicule.

After hearing his words, Ye Wanwan’s expressionless face finally changed imperceptibly, and an icy glint flashed through her eyes.

The corners of Yamamoto Tsubasa’s lips turned up. “Then it doesn’t matter even if you don’t fight me.”

As he said that, he glanced at the man in a white suit behind him.

Upon seeing that, the cold man in the white suit stepped forward.

Yamamoto Tsubasa brought two disciples there, one of which was the man in a white suit. He was Kawada, a karate expert.

Kawada approached the Si family guards without a word.

Suddenly, Kawada threw a punch.


A guard instantly collapsed to the floor.

The punched guard couldn’t react at all, and his body started convulsing with pain.

“A bunch of garbage,” Kawada said with a scoff.

“Heh… If these people were beaten to death by my disciple because of you, it would be difficult for you to explain it to the Si family, right?” Yamamoto Tsubasa sneered contemptuously.

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