Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 104: The video that spoke the truth

Chapter 104: The video that spoke the truth

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After the post went up, Ye Wanwan was lashed at by Shen Meng Qi’s guardians--many familiar IDs popped up. Those few netizens who claimed that they saw what happened that evening and were flooded by criticism and were even called rumormongers.

There was an unspoken rule in the entertainment circle that the truth wasn't important; whoever controlled public opinion ran the world, and it was the same in this situation.

This was also why Shen Meng Qi dared to fabricate lies to prove her innocence.

Ye Wanwan wasn't anxious at all as she watched them lash out silently.

Sprinkling z to empty some avoided memories: " Tsk tsk, the thread starter hasn't dared to show their face !"

Love the Winter Nights: " It was all made up! They just started a rumour to stir up trouble; I’ve encountered many people like this before !"


When everybody was almost done lashing out and agreed to treat the post as a rumour, Ye Wanwan posted a clip right as the post was about to fade away.

While Shen Meng Qi and Jiang Yan Ran were fighting the night before, she had secretly recorded everything on video.

Compared to Shen Meng Qi's post based on hearsay, hers had video evidence.

In the Qing He’s school forum, gossip about her as Qing He’s ugliest girl appeared every day, but it was never resolved as either a truth or lie.

Especially since she started sitting with Si Xia, it was discussed almost daily. Everybody was probably tired of her, and this post by Shen Meng Qi merely deepened their hatred of her.

Anyway, her reputation was as black as charcoal and couldn't possibly be any darker, but Shen Meng Qi was different--she was the beauty of class A, the famous beauty of Qing He.

This goddess, who was in the hearts of many boys, was as pure and perfect like a piece of snow. To think that she actually seduced her best friend’s man secretly--this gossip was much more explosive than the daily speculations about this ugly freak whose reputation was already smeared.

Revealing this piece of gossip about Shen Meng Qi at this time could divert attention away from her.

For people unable to clear the air about themselves, it was common practice to use explosive content to divert people's attention in the entertainment industry.

After she posted the video, Ye Wanwan ordered some drinks and snacks and waited patiently in her seat.

After a few seconds of silence, the post which had been dying down blew up again——

Lonely Heart: " Oh my god! What did I just see? Everyone, hurry and look at this juicy gossip !"

Cute and Handsome Guy: " Damn! It’s actually real! The goddess was even hurt by the phone Jiang Yan Ran smashed into her face !"

I Am Little Cutie 123: " What drama! Aren’t Shen Meng Qi and Jiang Yan Ran really close? It’s surprising to have a third party involved !"

Most Handsome: " Huh, is this some kind of misunderstanding ?"

A Windy Summer: " The video clip is out, what kind of misunderstanding is there? Didn’t you hear Jiang Yan Ran saying that she even took the initiative to kiss the guy? She didn’t even have the conscience to deny it. Why did she choose to go out alone with her man on Jiang Yan Ran's birthday, kissing and talking about being together after graduating, using all this intimate language ?!"

Dazed Little Cutie: "The video clip speaks the truth. This is so much more exciting than the post next to it! No wonder the thread starter didn’t make a sound--she was saving up for her big move! Shen Meng Qi can’t rebut this, this time!


Ye Wanwan’s post went up the ranking of popular posts very quickly due to these netizens and immediately overtook the popularity of the post about herself.

The netizens who had been busy fighting in her post then all moved to the post about Shen Meng Qi, pleading the thread starter to release more gossip.


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