Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 103: Gossip Porter

Chapter 103: Gossip Porter

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"But, Wanwan, since when did you have such a good relationship with Si Xia?" I heard that he not only spoke up for you in front of the teacher, but he even blocked a slap from Cheng Xue for you!" Shen Meng Qi probed.

Before, the incident with Ling Dong had no effect at all on Si Ye Han. So with Si Xia’s special treatment towards Ye Wanwan, she wasn't sure whether it would have any impact even if she reported it to Si Ye Han.

She didn't expect that Si Ye Han would become more and more lenient towards Ye Wanwan. Maybe Si Ye Han didn’t consider any others a threat aside from Gu Yue Ze?


Shen Meng Qi was out of her wits. As East Asia's king of jealousy, even if Ye Wanwan did so much as to pet a dog lightly, Si Ye Han might bring out a dog rod in a fit of jealousy, not to mention what he would do to a man like Ling Dong.

"That’s obviously because Si Xia’s a nice person!" Ye Wanwan replied.

Shen Meng Qi nearly choked. She reminded her, "Anyway, you better be careful. There are many girls that fancy Si Xia who will definitely pick on you, especially Cheng Xue! Eighty percent of this post was sent by Cheng Xue to get back at you!"

Ye Wanwan sneered in her heart. Shen Meng Qi acted like a good person on one hand and on the other, pinned the blame on someone else; she was really cunning.

"Got it, I'll be careful. I'm going to head back to my dorm now, bye~"

Shen Meng Qi watched as Ye Wanwan left, her face filled with frustration.

Before, she was glad that Ye Wanwan wasn't loved by Si Ye Han anymore so she no longer had the right to live in Jin garden, but now she was worried that since Ye Wanwan was no longer living there, she didn't have any chance to get close to Si Ye Han anymore.

Si Ye Han was probably too busy to answer her calls. She tried asking him out through text before, but like rocks, those messages sunk in the sea. Sometimes, she even felt like she was a robot providing him with updates on Ye Wanwan, since he only responded to news about her.

This feels terrible!

After settling things with Shen Meng Qi, Ye Wanwan left using the back door and entered an internet cafe at the school entrance.

She found a single booth and sat down, then she entered Qing He’s school forum.

As she was about to sign in, she recalled that her original ID was even more disgusting that Shen Meng Qi’s "Love the Winter Nights", it was "Love Ze for a Hundred Decades"

Thus, Ye Wanwan created a new account with another name: Gossip Porter.

After she created the account, Ye Wanwan drafted a post.

The title of the post: Flashing news! Qing He’s beauty, Shen Meng Qi, was actually a mistress that stole her best friend's man!!!

The content was the same as the title, just with the addition of this simple phrase. Ye Wanwan casually posted it after she was done editing it.

As expected, this extremely eye-catching title immediately attracted a ton of responses.

Cute and Handsome Guy: " Damn! Shen Meng Qi, isn’t she my goddess? She’s involved in this?"

Crayon without Shin Chan: " Users who create rumours like that will be blocked! "

Most Handsome: " This is definitely fake; I can't believe a simple and kind girl like Shen Meng Qi would be defamed by people as well! "

Love the Winter Nights: " I think this person is just jealous! "

Dazed Little Cutie: " Is the person talking about the incident involving Shen Meng Qi, Jiang Yan Ran and Song Zi Hang? I think I’ve heard about it… "

Love the Winter Nights: " Where did you hear such nonsensical rumours; did you see it for yourself? "

Dazed Little Cutie: " Oh, I didn’t, I heard it from someone else! "

Sprinkling z to empty some avoided memories: " Since there’s a person who purposely wants to defame Shen Meng Qi, naturally they'd create rumours about her! This kind of rumour can’t be trusted !"

Crayon without Shin Chan: " If this person is so sure, show us proof! Why're you hiding behind your computer and rambling on? You think we're a bunch of tools? Ha, in your dreams !"


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