Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 102: Twisting the facts

Chapter 102: Twisting the facts

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Before, when Si Xia helped her dodge the slap from Cheng Xue, she already had a bad premonition but she never thought that news of it would spread so quickly.

Ye Wanwan opened the forum to take a look. She immediately saw on the first page was a very popular topic: "The Story of the Ugliest Girl in Qing He and Qing He’s Hunk that must be told."

"Ugly girl" and "School hunk"--this sensational title would attract many clicks with just one look.

The post started from the time she scored first in the class for exams and described in detail how she got close to Si Xia, step by step.

Apparently, she scored last in class on purpose to get close to Si Xia, then cheated on the exams to score first in class to continue sticking with Si Xia. Then, she cheated in the draw in her futile attempt to get the role of Snow White and get even closer to Si Xia and deliberately gave him hugs in class and harassed him non-stop...

The whole article was illogical and humiliated her just for the sake of it.

With regards to her results, all the teachers were present and Liang Li Hua admitted that her results were genuine. As for the drawing of lots, she didn't even have any chance to touch the box--how could she have cheated? If she really harrassed Si Xia, why did Si Xia speak up for her in the hall when Liang Li Hua wanted to switch roles for the play?

But all these didn't matter; nobody would go to the trouble of finding out the truth. Everyone was like the flesh-eating vultures pouncing on her to tear her apart.

It was just her luck as an ugly freak to become close to their dream boy and have him speak up for her. To them, it was a heinous sin.

Love the Winter Nights: [I am a student from F class. I saw it myself--that ugly freak rubbed against Si Xia's body on purpose during class! Disgusting!]

Crayon without Shin Chan: [Oh my god, really?! That’s gross! As the saying goes, ugly people always make more trouble! She should take a good look at herself in the mirror--how dare she actually go after Si Xia!]

Left-hand Reversed Image: [Our dream boy has a good temper and wasn't cautious with her. He even took it upon himself to kiss her! Damn, who could kiss her with that face of hers? If it were me, I'd have puked out last night’s dinner!]

Sprinkling z to empty some avoided memories: [Wasn’t she asked to leave school before? She still hasn’t left! I really underestimated this ugly freak’s tricks!]

Love the Winter Nights: [Tsk tsk, if she didn’t have any tactics, could she toy with the big shot of Qing He? This kind of person should be kicked out of Qing He!]

Timeless: [Kick Ye Wanwan out of Qing He!]


At the end of the post, the incident with Ling Dong was also mentioned. She was called a two-timer.

She knew all these were lies, yet she didn't feel like she could explain herself.

How could she explain to them? Tell them that it was one-sided and Ling Dong and Si Xia were interested in her?

If she tried that, she was afraid she'd be spit on to death!

"Wanwan, are you all right? All these people are too much, how could they say these things about you?!" Shen Meng Qi said indignantly.

She couldn't understand why Ye Wanwan still seemed alive and well up till this point. All those messages that she sent to Si Ye Han previously had been marked as "read", meaning that he had obviously read them.

But not only was she living well, she had seduced Ling Dong and even Si Xia's attitude towards her was becoming warmer.

Seeing Shen Meng Qi’s concerned face, Ye Wanwan smiled faintly and the corners of her mouth curled upwards.

The creator of this thread, "Love the Winter Nights", leaping and jumping all over to insult her was Shen Meng Qi.

Love the Winter Nights...

This ID was of deep significance...

Tsk, she wants to get public opinion involved?

She initially wanted to keep her plan under wraps for a few more days, but now was the perfect opportunity to use it.

Translator's Thoughts

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Si Ye Han literally translates to Winter Nights thus it was very obvious that that was Shen Meng Qi!

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