Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 101: I'll reject him only when heaven and earth collide

Chapter 101: I'll reject him only when heaven and earth collide

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Ye Wanwan moved back and withdrew her feet.

She saw that the loosened shoelace had already been tied into a beautiful bow by the boy's long fingers.

"Don’t be scared, I don’t have any ill intentions towards you, it's just that…" Si Xia stopped.

Ye Wanwan shot a suspicious glance over, "Just what?"

"Just that… I want to stay by your side…"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Why the sudden change when everything was fine before, boy!

If she didn't have any hearing issues, was what Si Xia said a confession in disguise?

Ye Wanwan stood still amidst the confusion and a song surfaced in her mind: At the place where the peach blossom bloomed...

What's wrong with the world I've been reborn into...

If her life before her rebirth was difficult, her life after rebirth had been upgraded to hell mode!

What she was afraid of had actually happened; suitor after suitor pursued her and each one was worse than the last! The boy in front of her could be an epic boss!

Could it be that Si Xia also saw my real face like Ling Dong?

This face of mine is truly my greatest source of misfortune!

However, she was sure to be careful these days; she hadn't revealed her face without makeup anywhere outside the dorms. Furthermore, Si Xia was different from Ling Dong--with his high status and potential, he wouldn't have a sudden change in heart just because of that.

Aside from that, Ye Wanwan suddenly thought of another possibility. Although she didn't know much about Si Xia in her previous life, she knew that his relationship with Si Ye Han was not as peaceful as it seemed on the surface.

She even heard a very strange piece of gossip. It was said that Si Xia would snatch any woman who got slightly close to Si Ye Han.

Could it be that Si Xia found out about her relationship with Si Ye Han and wanted to play some game by snatching his nemesis' girlfriend away?

She thought carefully. Si Ye Han came to school last night, and immediately, Si Xia’s attitude towards her changed the next day.

If it was true, how much does this guy hate Si Ye Han that he could hit on even me?!

Ye Wanwan said sincerely, "Si Xia, no matter what your intentions are, you don’t have to be so hard on yourself okay? Please take a good look at my face, then think it through carefully! Let me tell you, this is how I look even with makeup. Once my makeup is removed, it would shock you to your core!"

Si Xia stared at her face, the corners of his mouth twitched and then he took a deep breath with a look of determination. His face recovered its warmth and he said, "No problem, it’ll be fine after I get used to it."

Ye Wanwan wanted to break down. Her head hurt so much that she rubbed her eyebrows and said seriously, emphasizing each and every word clearly, "My relationship with my boyfriend is stronger than gold and our love is rock-solid. Only until the mountains become flat, until all the rivers are drained, until there's thunder in winter, until there's snow in summer and until heaven and earth collide, will I reject him! So, you should just give up!"

Aside from her, with his background and looks, skills and acting abilities, there was probably no girl that could resist him.

But right now, she was afraid that if he was disappointed, her life would be in danger and she would not joke around with her own life

After speaking, she left immediately without waiting for Si Xia to respond.

Most importantly, she had to keep her distance!

After she was quite a distance away, Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief.

Who knew that when she raised her head, she would see someone she didn’t want to see even more than Si Xia.

Shen Meng Qi hurriedly rushed towards her with a hasty expression, "Wanwan! I finally found you!"

"What’s the matter?"

Shen Meng Qi said in a surprised tone, "Don’t you know? Hurry and take a look at the school’s forum! The news about you and Si Xia has gone around!"

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