Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 105: A ticking time bomb

Chapter 105: A ticking time bomb

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After some time, that familiar ID appeared again.

Love the Winter Nights: " Did Shen Meng Qi actually initiate the kiss or made that promise? All those words were said by Jiang Yan Ran alone; we don’t know whether it’s the truth or not right? Furthermore, even if Shen Meng Qi really did it, it’s no crime to like someone. Jiang Yan Ran only had a one-sided crush on Song Zi Hang and they weren't even a couple so how could you call Shen Meng Qi a third-party?

Ye Wanwan took a bite of rice and then took her own sweet time to reply——

Gossip porter: " Tsk, even those people with a small brain would know that whatever Jiang Yan Ran said was naturally told to her personally by Song Zi Hang. Whether it’s the truth or not, that goes without saying!

Also, Jiang Ya Ran and Song Zi Hang grew up together and were engaged since they were little; many people in their circle knew about this. You think with Shen Meng Qi and Jiang Yan Ran’s good relationship and Jiang Yan Ran telling everything to Shen Meng Qi that Shen Meng Qi wouldn’t know about this?

Even if she didn't know about this, she would've known that Jiang Yan Ran liked Song Zi Hang, and she shouldn’t have kept Jiang Yan Ran in the dark while being intimate with Song Zi Hang in private!

Yes, it’s no crime to like someone! But she should've openly declared that she liked him and fought with Jiang Yan Ran fair and square. I believe nobody would say anything about her then, but what’s the point in playing games? Could it be that she was using the same tactics on other people?"

Love the Winter Nights : "Everything that was said above was completely made up--it's just vicious slander! Request for the moderator to delete it!"

Gossip Porter: " The clip I have speaks the truth, how is it made up? The post before was purely based on hearsay yet Ye Wanwan still got so much humiliation, but what I posted was made up? Don't you think that's a bit hypocritical?"

I am Little Cutie 123: " I feel that what the thread starter said makes sense and the conjecture was very reasonable!"

Dazed Little Cutie: " I support the thread starter! Love the Winter Nights is a bit weird. She was so enthusiastic when we were talking about Ye Wanwan and when people said that the poster had no evidence, she attacked them. Yet now, she's speaking up for Shen Meng Qi?

Anyway, if it was me, and my crush fell for my best friend and even confessed his love to her, I would definitely not forgive her if she kept it from me and went out on a secret date with him even after knowing that I liked that guy so much!

Isn’t truth the most important thing between friends? If she hid this kind of thing, I would never believe that she's not up to anything!"


Probably because she was guilty, Shen Meng Qi’s ID didn't appear anymore. She was probably thinking of ways to get someone to remove the post.

Although there were still some boys speaking up for Shen Meng Qi, the girls were more active since girls are usually more aggressive in forums than boys. Furthermore, girls abhorred these kinds of actions, so the majority of public opinion was on Jiang Yan Ran’s side.

This issue didn't beat Shen Meng Qi down completely but merely proving her innocence would keep her busy enough, so she wouldn't keep finding trouble for Ye Wanwan.

Scrolling through the post, everyone was talking about Shen Meng Qi. While her post slowly sank down, Ye Wanwan then returned to school.

After she went back, Ye Wanwan didn't head to the dormitory straight away, but instead, she took a stroll around the little lake.

She was unsure whether it was her imagination but she felt a little uneasy, like something was going happen.

This issue with Si Xia was a ticking time bomb.

It was easy to settle things with Ling Dong, but what should she do about Si Xia?

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