Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1031 - Little Angel Tangtang

Chapter 1031: Little Angel Tangtang

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Aside from the photos, there was also a video of Tangtang and her riding the swing together.

Nameless Nie felt overwhelmed by the gift. Not only did she send so many photos at once, but she also included a video!

Nameless Nie happily opened the video.

And then…

He saw an absurdly long swing hanging from the tops of two trees.

On the video, Ye Wanwan led Tangtang onto the enormous swing, and they swung back and forth and back and forth in the air…

[Famous Ye: I didn’t lie to you, right? Look at how well I took care of Tangtang!]

Nameless Nie: “…”

Nameless Nie gulped. He had no idea how to respond…

He heard her mentioning that her boyfriend was back and successfully played the role of “Dad.”

With Si Yehan’s personality, he actually didn’t question her upon seeing her acting this wild?

[Nie Hollow Pit: I say… why doesn’t your man manage you a bit?]

[Famous Ye: Of course he manages me! He said my swing wasn’t any good, so he’s going to find someone to make a new one for me!]

[Nie Hollow Pit: …]

Just act like I didn’t ask anything…

Nameless Nie opened the other photos. It featured the family of three and a giant white tiger picking mushrooms in the wild, climbing trees to pick wild fruit, and treading into the river to catch fish…

His cleanliness-obsessed little devil had his sleeves and pants rolled up and was enthusiastically foraging for food in the back. He was covered in grass and leaves, and his hands were dark from playing.

As for the giant white tiger, there were two baskets on his back filled with mushrooms, wild fruit, and a colorful pheasant.

Tangtang was smiling in every photo…

Nameless Nie had merely left the little devil with Ye Wanwan for a few days, but he was already questioning whether the child was switched. Was this still his family’s little devil?

This was an abrupt change in behavior from a little demon to a little angel!

Ye Wanwan thought for a moment before she sent a message.

[Famous Ye: Speaking of which, I’m very curious about what Tangtang typically does at home. Didn’t he have a childhood? He doesn’t know a lot of things! When I brought him to a theme park, he didn’t even know what cotton candy was!]

Upon seeing Ye Wanwan’s accusatory message, Nameless Nie quickly replied.

[Nie Hollow Pit: I have to clarify this. It’s not that we were abusing Tangtang; it’s that his personality is like this! He doesn’t like things that other children play with.]

When Ye Wanwan saw his message, she was speechless.

Am I with a fake Tangtang?! Tangtang clearly likes all those things!

Ay, the little fella probably knew he was different from other children and didn’t have parents. He probably also thought it was his fault that his parents didn’t want him.

That was why he used such a cold shell to protect himself—he merely didn’t feel secure.

Based on her interactions with Tangtang lately, Ye Wanwan discovered that Tangtang was very insecure and was very afraid of being abandoned again.

She hoped Nameless Nie was reliable and could find his biological parents soon…

[Nie Hollow Pit: Oh, right, I’m going to send these photos to my mom. My mom is on my tail about sending photos 24/7. I bet my only worth to her is sending photos of Tangtang…]

The corners of Ye Wanwan’s mouth twitched slightly when she sensed Nameless Nie’s sadness through his words.

[Famous Ye: Go on then. I’ll try to send a few status updates of Tangtang to you every day from now on.]

It was unavoidable for them to worry about a young child following some stranger by himself.

[Nie Hollow Pit: Sister Famous Ye! Thank you so much! I’ll send you a red packet even if I have to collect trash to do it!!!]

Ye Wanwan: “…”

No thanks…

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