Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1032 - Sister-in-law's taste is superb

Chapter 1032: Sister-in-law’s taste is superb

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On the other side of the ocean, inside an old antique house:

A dignified and elegant woman was sitting on a rattan chair in the garden and looking at the photos on her phone, her eyes unusually gentle.

“The punk sent some photos over?” A man slowly walked toward her.

“Yes.” The woman nodded and gently sighed. “No matter how much we dote on Tangtang, we can’t be substitutes for his parents. Look at how happy Tangtang’s smile is! This is how a child should be!”

The man sighed. “Why do you look like this when Tangtang is happy?”

Sorrow flitted through the woman’s eyes. “How wonderful would it be if that girl really was our daughter!”

The man hugged his wife and gently comforted her. “Don’t be sad. Don’t we have news already? We’ll find her for sure!”

“I hope we’ll really find her this time…”

Little Rose Garden, in the bedroom:

Si Yehan was holding an adorable onesie with an adorable cow cartoon printed on it. It looked like he had encountered a colossal challenge.

Tangtang sat on the bed in a tank top and underpants and suggested with complete seriousness, “I think it’s better if we let Mommy put it on me instead.”

Si Yehan glanced at the child. “Let’s try again.”

The little fella didn’t look very willing. “The outcome will be the same regardless.”

Si Yehan stared at the pajamas in his hands for a long while before finally snapping a photo of it and posting it in the group chat.

After he left the group last time, Lin Que added him again.

[Si Yehan: How do I put this on.]

Lin Que came online almost immediately. It was plausible he was incredibly bored and was staring at his phone day and night.

[Lin Que: Ninth Brother… is our group… merely customer service… to you?]

Lin Que replied sadly before typing…

[Lin Que: Ninth Brother, what’s that in your photo? Are these clothes? Aren’t they too weird?! Who bought it?]

[Si Yehan: Wanwan.]

[Lin Que: These clothes are truly too cute! Sister-in-law’s taste is superb! Excellent!]

Lin Que tactfully switched his tone.

[Lin Que: Speaking of which, Ninth Brother, Xie Zhezhi and I are both single. Why would we know how to put on children’s clothes? Let me help you ask my friends to see if they know!]

[Xie Zhezhi: You have friends who aren’t single? Why don’t I know this?]

Xie Zhezhi suddenly showed up.

[Lin Que: D*mn! As if you aren’t one yourself!]

As Si Yehan watched the conversation in the group, he finally realized he asked his question in the wrong place.

“Baby, are you done showering?”

At that moment, Ye Wanwan’s voice came from outside the door.

“Mommy!” The little fella immediately looked happy when he heard Ye Wanwan’s voice.

“Eh… what is it?” As soon as Ye Wanwan entered, she spotted Si Yehan holding the pajamas in his hands like it was some difficult science problem.

“Daddy doesn’t know how to put it on,” Tangtang interjected.

“Oh…” Ye Wanwan sweated.

I forgot about this…

“Allow me!”

Ye Wanwan was about to take the pajamas, but Si Yehan didn’t move. “Teach me.”

How could he allow his wife to dress another man!

Ye Wanwan didn’t expect Si Yehan to like Tangtang so much and insist on dressing him personally, but she was naturally happy and replied immediately, “Okay, I’ll teach you! First, you reverse it and open the row of hidden buttons inside. Then, you put it on the legs first and the arms after that…”

Si Yehan followed Ye Wanwan’s instructions and started dressing Tangtang.

The little fella cooperatively opened his arms, but his eyes were full of resentment…

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