Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1030 - What was different between this and robbery

Chapter 1030: What was different between this and robbery

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After playing with the swing, Ye Wanwan didn’t idle and led Tangtang and Great White all over the wilderness, picking mushrooms and fruits and digging for bird eggs.

Afraid she would stir up more trouble, Si Yehan accompanied them the whole time.

When they returned in the evening, the three people and one white tiger were covered in grass and leaves.

Ye Wanwan had Si Yehan take Tangtang to shower and change while she took out her phone to take photos of the day’s bounty.

While she was happily taking photos, several news notifications popped up on her screen.

“A martial arts expert shockingly appeared in all the major outdoor obstacle course game shows? What?”

Eh, martial arts expert?

It couldn’t be…

Ye Wanwan clicked it and saw written in the news article: “A superman appeared in various international outdoor obstacle course reality television shows, including ‘The Merry Dash,’ ‘The Amazing Race,’ ‘Charge on, Heroes,’ and so on, breaking all their previous records and setting an unsurpassable record.”

The discussion below the article was composed of:

“D*mn! So fearsome! He only took 11 minutes to pass Country M’s ‘The Amazing Race’? Is he human?”

“F*ck me! He made it look like the entire ground was level and he ran the whole way there, okay? This is total annihilation! How can other people play now? They’re from completely different worlds!”

“I seriously suspect that this is some retired special forces soldier! He couldn’t be this formidable otherwise!”

“To the netizen above me, are you joking? What kind of people are special forces soldiers? You think they would participate in some childish outdoor competition gameshow?”

Dark clouds covered Ye Wanwan’s face as she read this. Nameless Nie—that idiot! Enough already. What was the difference between this and robbery?

Her heart ached for the show’s crew…

At that moment, the doorbell rang and Old Jiang went to open the door.

Old Jiang returned and asked, “Master, you bought appliances?”

“Huh? What appliances? I didn’t buy any!” Ye Wanwan was confused.

Old Jiang was perplexed. “Then Mr. Si bought it? There’s someone outside delivering a fridge, TV, and air conditioner…”

“Huh? Ah-Jiu probably didn’t buy them. Why would he buy these things for no reason?” Ye Wanwan walked to the front door distrustfully and saw a delivery man moving several appliances to the front door.

“I didn’t buy these things. Do you have the wrong house?” Ye Wanwan asked the delivery man.

The young delivery man took out the invoice and looked. “It wasn’t you? A client surnamed Nie sent these here…”

“Surnamed Nie?”

Ye Wanwan’s eyebrows raised. Could it be Nameless Nie?

However, why did that guy send these things here?

While suspicion rolled over her, her WeChat notification rang.

[Nie Hollow Pit: Sister! Sister! Did you receive the fridge, TV, and air conditioner yet?]

It really was that guy…

Ye Wanwan responded: [Famous Ye: You sent these here? Why?]

[Nie Hollow Pit: These are the prizes I won! (gloating.jpg)]

Ye Wanwan was speechless when she saw the proud and gloating emoji Nameless Nie sent her.

Now she remembered that the prizes of these shows included not only cash but also many sponsored prizes like appliances and houseware.

“Miss, what about these things?” the delivery guy at the door asked.

“Oh, yeah. These were meant for me.” After Ye Wanwan said that, she picked up the invoice and signed it before having Old Jiang and the others carry the things inside.

Ye Wanwan glanced at the prizes and shook her head in amusement. She replied: [Famous Ye: Thank you, Bro.]

[Nie Hollow Pit: You’re welcome, you’re welcome! We’re family after all!]

Ye Wanwan chuckled. This guy was quite into his character!

[Famous Ye: Today’s the weekend, so I went out with Tangtang all day. Tangtang had a good time.]

Ye Wanwan sent this and generously attached all the photos she took that day.

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