Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1029 - Professional blame-taker, Tangtang

Chapter 1029: Professional blame-taker, Tangtang

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Ye Wanwan happily said, “This is a swing—a super duper awesome swing that you can swing until you fly! Come on, let’s ride it together and try it out!”

When the little fella heard this, his fair and delicate face instantly brightened. Ye Wanwan dragged him over, and he carefully sat on it.

Ye Wanwan fastened the safety belt and told Heidi and the others, “Okay, okay, you can push now! Push us higher!”

Heidi was currently puking on the side, so Tang Bin and Song Qiang quickly made a compliant sound in response and ran over.

Tang Bin: “Yes, Master!”

Song Qiang: “Okay, Master!”

Master is really… playful…

Ye Wanwan then ordered Jiaojiao, “Jiaojiao, remember to take photos for me!”

“Yes, Master! Jiaojiao is ready!” Jiaojiao hurriedly took out her phone.

Meanwhile, Old Jiang was standing on the side on alert so he could stop the swing in time if the child got scared.

He had never seen someone care for a child like this…

“3, 2, 1—go!”

Tang Bin and Song Qiang pulled the swing back together then fiercely released it!

The mother and son on the swing instantly soared into the sky. Trees, birds, and flowers all swooshed past them like the wind.

“Ahhhhh! So happy! Tangtang, are you scared?”

Tangtang hugged his mother and fiercely shook his head. His eyes were wide open as he watched the forest then the lake in the distance when they reached the peak. There was a radiance on his face that had never been seen before.

“Do you like it then?”

“I like it!”

“Haha! As expected, a mother knows her son best! I knew you would like it!”

Ye Wanwan was currently going wild with her son. When Si Yehan, who was taking care of business inside the study, heard Ye Wanwan’s jubilant cries from outside the window, he suspiciously walked over to the window and opened it.

And then… he saw a scene that turned his face dark and rendered him speechless.

Ye Wanwan and Tangtang were sitting on a giant swing and swinging back and forth in the air…

Si Yehan had no idea what expression he should make, and it took him a while before he realized what he was seeing.

Several minutes later…

Ye Wanwan and her son were obediently standing next to each other, their heads lowered and their tails tucked.

Si Yehan sat on the sofa, his face dark like the bottom of a pan. “Explain!”

Ye Wanwan’s head remained downcast as her index fingers prodded each other and she quietly mumbled, “Mmm, I saw on TV that tourist spots in tropical rainforests had this kind of swing and felt it would be fun and Tangtang would like it for sure, so I replicated it at home… I tested it first! It’s very sturdy; even Heidi didn’t break it after riding it, and it has safety belts… I was just afraid that Tangtang would be bored! Tangtang really liked it!”

Si Yehan felt his head aching as he rubbed the spot between his brows.

Was it Tangtang who wanted to play with it or was it her who wanted to play with it?

“Tangtang, you liked it, right?” Ye Wanwan asked as she quickly pulled her son into it.

Dear Tangtang cooperatively took the blame for his mom. “Daddy, it’s Tangtang who liked it!”

Ye Wanwan hurriedly said, “See? I didn’t lie to you!”

Si Yehan looked at how the mother and son were each wearing a pitiful and miserable expression and simply had no idea what to say. “Don’t play with that one…”

Ye Wanwan instantly looked dejected like a frosted eggplant while Tangtang resembled a mini frosted eggplant.

Si Yehan: “… Wait until I hire a professional to remake it for you.”

The two eggplants’ heads shot up and brilliant beams spread across their faces. Their actions and expressions were identical.

Ye Wanwan: “Ah-Jiu, I knew you were the best!”

Tangtang: “Thank you, Daddy!”

Si Yehan, who inexplicably compromised and aided the wrongdoers in their misbehavior: “…”

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