Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1014 - Calm down, my little angel Xianyu!

Chapter 1014: Calm down, my little angel Xianyu!

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The moment Ye Wanwan saw who it was, her eyes shot open, and her mind exploded. Her world seemed to have crumbled, and she nearly went crazy.

D*mn d*mn d*mn! Han Xianyu! Why does it have to be Han Xianyu!

This was scarier than seeing a ghost during the day!

Currently, Ye Wanwan wished for nothing more than to fly into the sky or burrow into the ground to hide. However, since she ran right into him, there was no use in hiding anymore.

In contrast to the raging storm inside Ye Wanwan, when Si Yehan saw Han Xianyu, he didn’t react and merely glanced at the man. It was as though not a single person or thing could stir a ripple in him.

Han Xianyu stared unwaveringly at Si Yehan, and he had to maximize his self-control before he could repress his fury and carefully utter, “Mr. Si, isn’t there something you would like to explain? What’s going on with this woman?”

Si Yehan expressionlessly asked, “Explain?”

Fury engulfed Han Xianyu, and he emotionally interrogated Si Yehan, “You still want to deny it? You’re lying to him, playing with his feelings, and seeing other women behind his back!”

D*mn d*mn d*mn! Calm down, my little angel! It’s not what you think!

I am Ye Bai! I am Ye Bai himself!!!

Ye Wanwan was in emotional turmoil, but she couldn’t explain it to him. She felt like her head would really explode!

Right now, her only joy was that Han Xianyu didn’t recognize her!

Simultaneously, what was the worst was that Han Xianyu didn’t recognize her and thought she was some other woman!

Even worse, Han Xianyu’s string of aggressive inquiries caused Si Yehan’s eyes to frost over bit by bit and dangerously narrow…

As soon as Ye Wanwan saw Si Yehan’s expression, she knew things were about to go to hell.

Sh*t! Don’t, baby! I’m already in enough of a mess, don’t explode too!

Ye Wanwan wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Si Yehan aloofly and disdainfully looked at the righteous and indignant man in front of him. His voice was extremely cold. “That’s right. I’m dating a woman, but what right and what status do you have to question me?”

Ye Wanwan covered her face and held her head. Sh*t, everything’s done for…

Han Xianyu had a face of disbelief. “You… you’re simply…”

He actually admitted it so boldly and didn’t look apologetic or guilty at all!


As soon as Han Xianyu thought about what Ye Bai’s face would look like when he learned of this and how devastated he would be, his repressed fury instantly exploded, and he swung a fist toward Si Yehan’s face—

When Ye Wanwan saw this, she turned pale with fright!

Sh*t! Don’t! You can hit me but don’t hit my baby’s face!

Si Yehan was indifferent as he stood rooted in place with not even the tiniest frown.

Upon seeing Han Xianyu’s fist about to land on Si Yehan’s face, how could Ye Wanwan tolerate it? She shot forward like lightning and blocked Han Xianyu’s fist with one hand and securely protected Si Yehan behind her.

“Ah-Jiu, are you okay? Are you okay?” Ye Wanwan anxiously patted Si Yehan’s face and didn’t relax until she saw that his skin wasn’t even scratched.

Si Yehan glanced down at Ye Wanwan, and his icy eyes warmed a few degrees when he saw her immensely anxious behavior.

“You…” Han Xianyu was astonished that a dainty girl like her turned out to be so strong; his arm was tingling from her block.

However, Han Xianyu didn’t linger on this matter and coolly said, “Miss, please move!”

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