Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1015 - Most important person

Chapter 1015: Most important person

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He naturally couldn’t hit a woman, so he furiously looked at Si Yehan. “What kind of man are you to hide behind a woman?”

Han Xianyu possessed a great sense of justice and couldn’t permit any wrongdoings. It appeared he wouldn’t give up easily today.

Fei Yang helplessly watched as Han Xianyu caused a commotion and hastily ran over. He scrambled to put Han Xianyu’s face mask back on and quietly pacified him like he was his ancestor. “D*mn! Xianyu, are you crazy? Quick, put it back on, put it back on! What if you get recognized?!”

Thankfully, the pastry shop wasn’t busy right now, so no one noticed the situation there. If this got any worse, news of “Han Xianyu flies into a rage and publicly beats up his lover’s paramour” would become tomorrow’s headlines…

This commotion had already attracted the attention of the store clerk. If this continued, hell would break loose!

By now, Fei Yang figured out what happened for the most part.

Based on Han Xianyu and that man’s conversation earlier, he realized he was mistaken. He thought Han Xianyu liked this girl, but it turned out this man’s legitimate girlfriend was Xianyu’s friend.

Xianyu was defending the real girlfriend against this transgression…

How complicated indeed!

The paparazzi loved this type of thing the most. It didn’t matter whether the real girlfriend was platonic friends with Han Xianyu. After the media spiced things up, they would surely turn it into some love triangle or something!

In truth, even he was suspicious of Han Xianyu…

Han Xianyu had always been very disciplined in his actions, so it was uncharacteristic for him to act so recklessly for a regular female friend…

“Brother Yang, move over!”

Han Xianyu was truly enraged this time. He was intently staring at Si Yehan as he angrily shouted, “You wretched scum who cheated on his feelings! Didn’t you ask what right I had earlier?! Fine, let me tell you! He’s my best friend and the most important person in my life! His business is my business! Since I found out about this, I absolutely won’t stand by and do nothing!”

Han Xianyu was still cautious about Ye Bai’s privacy, so he didn’t mention his name at all.

As soon as Han Xianyu finished speaking, Fei Yang was stunned.

Sh*t! Most important person? Xianyu doesn’t really have something going on with that legitimate girlfriend, right…

Ye Wanwan had just stopped Han Xianyu and relaxed when she heard Han Xianyu’s words. Her first reaction was that she felt moved.

Han Xianyu truly treated her as his best brother and friend, but she had been concealing her identity from him the whole time…

Ye Wanwan’s second reaction was… I’m screwed…

As expected, after hearing Han Xianyu’s words, Si Yehan’s relaxed expression instantly turned icy again, and his voice was rough and dangerous as he said, “Heh, is that so? Most dangerous person… Since when did someone of mine become your most important person?”

Upon hearing that, Han Xianyu’s anger reached its peak. “Someone of yours? How do you have the nerve to say that after doing this to him?!”

This man looked decent, but his character was so despicable!

Ye Wanwan nearly went mad as she stood on the side. Ah, these two people were at odds and talking about two entirely different things, but they could still tear into each other?!

Are you for real?!

“B*stard, don’t tell me you want to two-time!” Han Xianyu directly challenged Si Yehan in his rage.

Si Yehan dryly glanced at him. “So what if I do?”

“You!!!” Han Xianyu was completely infuriated and swung another punch at him, chaos erupting everywhere again.

“D*mn! You two! Enough!!!” That was the last straw for Ye Wanwan. She blocked Han Xianyu’s attack again before intently staring at Han Xianyu. “Freaking Han Xianyu, stop right there! It’s me!!!”

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