Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1013 - Risk of Exposure!!!

Chapter 1013: Risk of Exposure!!!

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“Isn’t this girl too pretty…”

Even Fei Yang, who had spent many years in the entertainment industry and seen all manner of beauties, was shocked by this girl’s looks.

When Han Xianyu saw the girl, he was also briefly dazzled by the girl’s eye-catching looks. Moreover, the girl’s features looked somewhat familiar…

However, Han Xianyu was currently enraged by Si Yehan cheating, so he didn’t pay attention to this insignificant detail. His face quickly darkened due to their intimate behavior.

He couldn’t lie to himself any longer. These two people were obviously an intimate couple…

“Xianyu, you must stay calm! You can’t act recklessly here! Remember Ye Bai! If you cause any trouble, won’t he have to end up cleaning up after you…” As Fei Yang watched Han Xianyu’s expression turning worser and worser, his heart trembled in fear, and he had no choice but to mention Ye Bai too.

He wasn’t overthinking! Han Xianyu’s behavior simply looked too much like he was catching a cheating partner!

However, at the mention of Ye Bai, Han Xianyu’s expression became even worser for some reason…

While Fei Yang was embroiled in all sorts of worries and possible mishaps, the girl reached them.

As the girl approached, Fei Yang was dumbstruck by her stunning looks.

Ye Wanwan was entirely focused on the food, so she naturally didn’t notice the normal table of customers on the side and headed straight for the counter.

“I want strawberry mousse, a macaron, daifuku, and an almond cake!” Ye Wanwan jubilantly ordered the items she wanted.

Because Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan were heading for a banquet, they were lavishly dressed. Hence, the store clerk took a while before she could regain her wits and look away from the handsome and beautiful couple. She hastily said, “Ye-yes! Please wait a moment, I’ll pack it up for you now!”

“Alright!” Ye Wanwan nodded and held her breath in anticipation. Then, as though it wasn’t her who wanted to eat it, she said to Si Yehan, “Ah-Jiu, think about how sad it is for Tangtang to be home by himself. We have to buy more delicious food for him!”

Mmhm, Tangtang definitely can’t eat this much. That just means I can help out later!

Si Yehan merely raised his brows but didn’t expose her. Then he told the store clerk, “We’ll have two servings of what she ordered.”

“Oh! I love you the most!” Instantly, Ye Wanwan kissed Si Yehan’s face happily.

Currently, Han Xianyu’s hands were tightly clenched, and his eyes were brimming with fury behind his sunglasses.

“Xianyu, you can’t…” Fei Yang was only able to get half his sentence out before the person in front of him disappeared from his seat.

“Miss, it’s all packaged. Here it is.” The store clerk handed the packaged desserts to Ye Wanwan.

“Sure, sure! Thanks!”

Ye Wanwan happily took the box and hooked her arm around Si Yehan’s arm before walking out of the store.

However, a person suddenly walked in front of them from the side and blocked their path.

The incomer was covered from head to toe. He wore a dark-colored jacket with a mask over his face and sunglasses over his eyes.

Why’s this person wrapped up like this in broad daylight?

As Ye Wanwan thought that, the man suddenly said, “Mr. Si.”

Upon hearing this man’s voice, Ye Wanwan’s heart skipped a beat.

Sh*t! Why does this person’s voice sound so much like…

In the next second, the man slowly took off his mask then his sunglasses, revealing a handsome and familiar face.

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