Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1012 - What would you do if I got kidnapped

Chapter 1012: What would you do if I got kidnapped

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After finishing her make-up, Guan Xiaohe stood on the side in a daze, awed.

Too… too beautiful! She might be female also but she could feel her heart pounding…

She couldn’t get jealous at all…

The other people in the store all looked the same. The girl was beautiful enough to begin with, but with some dressing up later, she was so good-looking that it took their breaths away.

This girl was different from the mass of standard beauties in the entertainment industry. Her beauty was enticing to both men and women, almost invasive in its degree…

Zuo Shangjing couldn’t help but secretly bet that if this girl entered the entertainment industry, she could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the siren, Xie Zhezhi, relying on her looks and aura alone!

On the sofa, Si Yehan’s pupils contracted slightly as he watched the brilliant and eye-catching girl that captured everyone’s gaze.

Ye Wanwan was also astonished by the girl in the mirror.

She had never dressed up so formally!

Ye Wanwan touched her face and exclaimed in surprise, “My goodness! I’m too good-looking! Ah-Jiu, no wonder you’re always worried about me! I’m also worried about myself!”

Si Yehan: “…”

Xu Yi: “…”

Everyone inside the store: “…”

When Guan Xiaohe heard her, she was startled briefly before chuckling in secret. This girl wasn’t only pretty, but her personality was also very likable. No wonder the legendary patriarch of the Si family doted on her so much…

“Satisfied, very satisfied! Thanks for your hard work, teachers!” Ye Wanwan said her thanks before happily holding her face. “Ah, so happy! As expected, being pretty is the best!”

It was such a shame that she was ugly for so many years in her previous life and even died ugly!

When you were dressed nice, your mood also improved.

When Si Yehan saw Ye Wanwan’s finished look and realized that other people would also see it, regret blossomed in his heart. However, it turned into indulgence when he saw her happiness.

Si Yehan swept a stray lock of hair behind her ear before saying in a deep voice, “Stay beside me tonight. No running about.”

Ye Wanwan bobbed her head energetically. “Yes yes, I know. I’m so beautiful—what would you do if I got kidnapped? You must watch over me carefully!”

Xu Yi: “…”

What in the world happened in a mere year…

How did Miss Wanwan go from courting death in all sorts of ways every day to having such a tight hold on Ninth Master…

When he thought about this, it was simply too unbelievable.

After Ye Wanwan finished being styled, she left SPE Styling Club with Si Yehan.

When Han Xianyu saw them finally leaving the store, he promptly stood up.

He discovered that the girl had switched into gorgeous attire and was intimately hooked onto the man’s arm.

They were about to head to the parking garage when Ye Wanwan spotted a sign of a dessert shop across from them and instantly paused. “Ah! Ah-Jiu, there’s a pastry shop over there! Let’s buy some cake to eat!”

“You already ate a lot,” Si Yehan reminded her.

Ye Wanwan blinked her eyes. “Eh… it’s not for me! I’m… I’m buying it for Tangtang! I’ll bring it back for Tangtang to eat!”

In the end, Ye Wanwan happily led Si Yehan toward the pastry shop.

When Han Xianyu saw the two of them heading in his direction, he quickly grabbed a nearby magazine and covered his face.

Fei Yang also nervously lowered his head. Ah, they’re heading toward us… Nothing will happen, right…

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