Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1011 - Spoiled beyond belief

Chapter 1011: Spoiled beyond belief

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“En.” Si Yehan nodded before taking the ice cream and milk tea Ye Wanwan was absorbed in and said, “Go try on the clothes.”

“One more bite! There’s still one last bite!” Ye Wanwan wasn’t satisfied until she ate the last bite of ice cream from Si Yehan’s hand.

“Chairman Si!”

“Good afternoon, Chairman Si!”

Guan Xiaohe and the other people were stunned for a few seconds before they all hurriedly greeted him at once.

“May I ask… how should I address you, Miss?” Guan Xiaohe asked carefully.

“Hello, my surname is Ye!” Ye Wanwan replied.

Guan Xiaohe: “Greetings, Miss Ye!”

Ye Wanwan evaluated the stylist in front of her. “You are… Guan Xiaohe, Teacher Guan?”

Guan Xiaohe quickly responded, “Yes, I’m your stylist today, Guan Xiaohe. Do you know me, Miss Ye?”

Ye Wanwan said, “Of course I do. You and Mr. Zuo are very famous in the industry.”

Although Guan Xiaohe was barely over 30, she had done make-up and styling for many famous A-listers and was well-experienced. Furthermore, the store manager of this shop, Zuo Shangjing, was internationally renowned, and even Ye Mufan revered him a lot.

Zuo Shangjing was currently Xie Zhezhi’s appointed personal stylist.

Ye Wanwan didn’t expect that a few casual mentions of SPE Styling Club in front of Si Yehan would make him help her book an appointment with a stylist here.

Only… *sigh*… he didn’t help her reserve Zuo Shangjing as expected…

When Guan Xiaohe and Zuo Shangjing saw Ye Wanwan’s polite and humble demeanor, they gained a favorable impression of her.

After chatting with Guan Xiaohe and Zuo Shangjing briefly, Ye Wanwan went to the fitting room to change into her gown.

The gown was entirely prepared by Si Yehan, and she didn’t even have measurements done.

She was originally worried it wouldn’t fit, but after trying it on, she realized it fit quite well.

Si Yehan’s selection had zero room for criticism.

However, the style of this gown was a bit surprising for her. Although the design was a bit reserved, it didn’t affect its beauty at all. Sparkling beads were inlaid, giving it a dreamlike but also elegant quality under the lights. Meanwhile, the small details on it, like the rose embroidered onto the neckline, preserved the charming and adorable characteristics of her age.

Outside the fitting room, Guan Xiaohe suddenly remembered something and said, “Um, the zipper on Miss Ye’s gown might require assistance…”

Just as she said that, Ye Wanwan’s voice was heard from the room. “Ah-Jiu, help me with my zipper…”

Si Yehan naturally stood up from the sofa and walked over to help his girlfriend with her zipper.

Outside the door, Guan Xiaohe’s face was filled with admiration as she looked at the man who was imposing but also handsome like a god.

Although Si Yehan wasn’t someone they could interact with at their level, there was an overabundance of rumors about him in Imperial City.

The most common type of rumor was that he didn’t go near women and was bloodthirsty and cruel. Some people also said he didn’t make public appearances because he was too ugly.

Guan Xiaohe never would’ve imagined he looked like this in reality…

He might appear cold and indifferent, but he clearly spoiled his girlfriend beyond belief! Also, he was so handsome!!!

A moment later, Ye Wanwan finally finished changing and sat down in front of the dressing table to have her make-up and hair done.

For the most part, Guan Xiaohe did the hands-on work while Zuo Shangjing stood on the side to watch over them and make suggestions.

“Miss Ye, your skin is too good! I barely have to do anything. I just put on some foundation for you and gave you some warm-toned make-up to match your gown… See if you like it!”

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