Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1010 - Why do I feel like you're catching your partner cheating?

Chapter 1010: Why do I feel like you’re catching your partner cheating?

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To prevent being recognized by fans, Han Xianyu couldn’t walk around freely. He had to find an upper-level terrace with a broad view and watch from there.

Although he had to watch from a distance and couldn’t follow them, he could see the duo’s interactions clearly.

Si Yehan and Ye Wanwan were acting like a couple in their honeymoon phase.

Because the couple had more than enough time, they started wandering through the shopping center and bought some snacks from the food stalls now and then. They fed each other, bite by bite.

When they finished strolling around, Ye Wanwan went with Si Yehan to pick up her gown from the place he reserved it.

Fei Yang watched as the man and woman, who Han Xianyu was tracking, entered a certain famous private styling club. He looked at the couple then at Han Xianyu, whose expression was concealed under his sunglasses and mask, with a face of terror. “Xianyu… why do I feel like you’re catching your partner cheating? Could it be that you like that girl? Sh*t! Xianyu, you couldn’t have started a relationship without telling me, right?”

Han Xianyu stared at the store and replied offhandedly, “I didn’t.”

“Oh… that’s good… that’s good… You gave me a scare… If you do enter a relationship, you must tell me beforehand… I won’t be able to handle it properly otherwise…” Fei Yang patted his chest with fear. “But if you aren’t catching your partner cheating, what’s going on?”

Han Xianyu didn’t say anything. His mind was a mess.

The only thought dominating his mind was: If this is true, what should I do… how should I tell Ye Bai…

However, he retained a tinge of wishful thinking. Perhaps that girl was his relative, like a younger sister or something…?

SPE Styling Club:

Guan Xiaohe, a woman in her 30s wearing the most fashionable clothes who was the top stylist there, had already been waiting for a long time. The store manager, Zuo Shangjing, also rushed back from abroad and made a rare appearance. They had closed the store for today.

After all, a person like Si Yehan couldn’t be seen by ordinary people, but to their surprise, he was coming to their store personally. Hence, they had to prudently receive him today.

Originally, the store manager, Zuo Shangjing, was going to personally style the guest today. However… Si Yehan’s assistant specifically requested a female stylist, so this job fell onto Guan Xiaohe’s shoulders.

“Special Assistant Xu, may I ask when Chairman Si is arriving?” Zuo Shangjing inquired.

Xu Yi naturally wouldn’t be a third wheel, so he came straight to the store and waited there. When he heard Zuo Shangjing, he answered, “Ninth Master is shopping with his girlfriend, but he should be arriving soon.”

Zuo Shangjing, Guan Xiaohe, and the other stylists in the store were all surprised, as though they never expected a great character like Si Yehan to personally go shopping with his girlfriend.

As the appointment time drew closer, footsteps were heard outside the door, and a couple entered the store.

The girl possessed skin fairer than snow and extremely gorgeous looks while the man was extraordinarily handsome and had an impressive presence.

However, the girl was dressed leisurely and had an ice cream cone in one hand and a cup of milk tea in the other hand whereas the man was helping her carry a plethora of bags that contained snacks and clothes…

“Excuse me, Miss and Mister, our store isn’t…”

“Our store isn’t open today” is what Guan Xiaohe wanted to tell them, when she unexpectedly saw Xu Yi standing up and swiftly welcoming the ordinary couple.

“Ninth Master, the formal clothes are ready, and the stylist has arrived.”

When Guan Xiaohe and the other people heard Xu Yi talking, they were all stunned. They never would’ve expected this couple to be Si Yehan and his girlfriend.

They thought Si Yehan’s arrival would be accompanied by an entourage. Who could’ve guessed he would be so down to earth and even help his girlfriend carry her bags and snacks…

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