Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1009 - Very willing to fulfill

Chapter 1009: Very willing to fulfill

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Ye Wanwan had zero problems with calling herself Si Yehan’s little darling. She boldly and confidently urged him, “Hurry, hurry…”

Seeing her animated face, a fire flared up from the bottom of Si Yehan’s glacial eyes. His gaze lingered on her fair and graceful neck. Then his fingers gently caressed the side of her face and he slowly got closer with downcast eyes. “That’s unnecessary… but…”

As he said that, he gently ran his lips over the side of her neck. His warm lips sucked her exquisite skin…

But he was very willing to fulfill this request…

Look away from indecency!

In the front, Xu Yi quickly raised the divider in the middle to avoid overeating…

The black car slowly drove away from the school.

The current Ye Wanwan had no idea Han Xianyu was stopped on the street across from Imperial Media University since who knew when and was intently watching the direction they left in. His face was exceptionally foul-looking.

“Xianyu, what is it?” Fei Yang, Han Xianyu’s manager, asked suspiciously.

Just now, Han Xianyu was about to leave after finishing the shooting, but he suddenly stopped when the car drove away from the school.

Currently, Han Xianyu’s expression was shifting unpredictably.

He just saw Ye Bai’s boyfriend at the entrance of the school picking up a female student and getting into the car with her…

The two of them hadn’t had any indecent interactions, and he only saw the man opening the car door for the girl.

Maybe they were merely friends or relatives…?

Thinking that, Han Xianyu originally planned to leave but he felt uneasy, so he ended up saying, “Brother Yang, please follow that black car up ahead.”

“Huh? Follow that car for what?” Fei Yang didn’t understand.

“Don’t ask, just do it quickly!”

“Oh, alright then…”

Fei Yang understood Han Xianyu well and knew he wasn’t the type of person to act recklessly, so he must’ve said that for a reason. Hence, he hurriedly did as he was told and started the engine to follow the car.

At the largest luxury goods shopping center in Imperial City.

Han Xianyu followed them until they reached the underground parking lot of Parkson Plaza. There were a lot of cars, so his tailing didn’t elicit the other party’s attention.

“Hey, Xianyu, just who’s inside that car ahead? Why are we following them?” Fei Yang was completely baffled and didn’t understand why Han Xianyu started acting like paparazzi.

Han Xianyu didn’t respond. He was intently focused on the car ahead of them.

He saw the two people inside the car getting out together. This time, the girl was hugging the man’s arm, and their unusual relationship became apparent.

Quickly, the man and girl walked toward the elevator and rode the elevator to the shopping center.

When Han Xianyu saw that man with another woman at the theater last time, he already felt something was amiss. However, Ye Bai explained she was a woman he knew before they were in a relationship, so he didn’t say anything more.

However, what was going on this time?

Could that man be deceiving Ye Bai and secretly maintaining contact with that woman?

Ye Bai liked him so much and was even willing to ignore the pressure of societal norms…

The more Han Xianyu thought about it, the angrier he got. Without any further thoughts, he picked up the mask and sunglasses next to him and swiftly opened the door, following them.

He had to confirm this. It’d be best if it was a misunderstanding, but if it wasn’t…

Fei Yang was terrified when he saw his actions. “Hey, Xianyu! What are you doing?! Are you crazy?”

Han Xianyu was a public figure. If he appeared in such a public place and was recognized, it would certainly cause chaos…

“Brother Yang, I’ll be fine!” The typically rational Han Xianyu didn’t pay attention to Fei Yang’s advice this time.

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