Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1008 - An epic level master pacifier

Chapter 1008: An epic level master pacifier

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“Classmate Ye, let’s exchange our WeChat information and study together!”

“Classmate Ye, Classmate Ye, I’m also from the Advertising program! Are you interested in joining our club?”

“Classmate Ye, let me tell you about drama club…”

Brothers, please stop talking to me! My life is on the line!

Ye Wanwan quickly spoke up, “Sorry, sorry, my boyfriend is waiting for me! How about next time I’m free!”

“Hm? Boy-boyfriend?”

She actually has a boyfriend already!?

The guys who struck up a conversation were all shocked before quickly revealing incredibly disappointed expressions…

After Ye Wanwan narrowly escaped those people, she miserably ran toward Si Yehan.

Ye Wanwan was currently wearing a simple white dress and wasn’t wearing any other accessories. However, her looks were simply too outstanding. Her skin was fair like snow, her features were as pretty as a picture, and the slightly upturned corners of her eyes were like peach blossoms…

Si Yehan was well aware of the type of look all those men had when they surrounded her and looked at her.

They were coveting his prized possession.

“Let’s go, let’s go. Did you wait a long time?” Ye Wanwan asked as she observed his expression.

“Just arrived.” Si Yehan opened the car door. His mood couldn’t be discerned from his face.

After getting in the car, Si Yehan told the driver, Xu Yi: “Go to the shopping center first.”

“Yes, 9th Master.” Xu Yi started the engine, not daring to breathe.

What a tragedy! If I had known, I would’ve driven slower! Who could’ve known we would run into Miss Wanwan being hit on by a group of men…

“It’s still early. We’ll go buy some clothes first then get you styled,” Si Yehan said as he read a finance and economics magazine, as though nothing happened earlier.

Ye Wanwan looked at her fingers while also peering at his expressionless profile. She cautiously probed, “Um, Ah-Jiu, are you angry?”

Si Yehan carelessly stroked his fingers and coolly glanced at her. “Why would I be angry?”

Si Yehan purposefully played ignorant and pretended nothing happened.

However, only he knew the truth.

She probably underestimated how ugly that beast inside of him was…

A single extra glance at her and he would treat others like competition. To say nothing of using that type of gaze to look at her and speak to her right in front of him…

He naturally knew how vile, how selfish, and how unbearable his own thoughts were…

His nearly perverted possessiveness actually hadn’t changed at all from the beginning until now.

He simply didn’t want to alarm her. He simply was too greedy for her smile, so he learned to conceal himself little by little.

No matter how calm and aloof he looked on the surface, his insides were extremely rotten…

Ye Wanwan secretly assessed Si Yehan. In truth, Si Yehan’s temper really kept improving these days…

If it weren’t for the fact that she could instinctively sense his mood after knowing him for so long, she might’ve really been deceived by him.

After hearing Si Yehan’s response, Ye Wanwan immediately said without hesitation, righteously indignant, “You aren’t angry? You aren’t angry, but I’m angry!”

Then she pointed at her neck and fierily urged him, “Quick, quick, quick!”

Si Yehan’s brows knitted slightly, not understanding her intentions. “What?”

Ye Wanwan anxiously said, “Quickly stamp me! There’s always someone coveting your darling! So infuriating!”

Si Yehan was startled at first and looked at her fair neck inattentively. Then the feigned indifference and calmness on his face melted little by little. It was like a small flower blossomed from the ashes of his dead and decayed insides…

Xu Yi, who was driving in the front: “…”

Miss Wanwan’s pacifying methods… I could write an epic about them…

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