Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1007 - Give us some room for survival

Chapter 1007: Give us some room for survival

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After Ye Wanwan sat back down, the guy next to her felt like he was sitting on needles while the girl also didn’t look too good.

She actually called Ye Wanwan a barbie earlier and even said she was one of those girls who didn’t ever attend class and relied on their beauty to live off rich men…

What actually happened was that she was the top student two well-known universities violently fought over and she applied for early graduation…

The students near them all witnessed her jealously fighting over her boyfriend earlier, so they were all currently pointing at her and laughing.

The girl couldn’t sit any longer. She stood up with her books with a dreadful expression and tugged on her boyfriend. “Let’s go! Why are you still foolishly sitting here?!”

“Oh…” The man also stood up while awkwardly scratching his head.

“Um, Classmate Ye, s-sorry…” the guy hastily said this and chased after his girlfriend.

The other students in the hall were all sighing.

“Even the attractiveness of a bookworm is so off the charts these days? How should us normal people get by?!”

“Give us some room for survival!”

“I originally thought she was someone from the nearby Imperial Films coming to freeload on the seminar!”

After the seminar ended, Li Yue pulled Ye Wanwan to the side and started chatting with her fervently.

“Wanwan, how have you been lately? I heard you don’t come to school often. What are you busy with?” Li Yue asked with concern.

“Professor Li…”

“Ay, calling me Grandpa will do! No need to be so unfamiliar!” Li Yue said with feigned anger.

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and helplessly corrected herself. “Grandpa Li, I’ve been interning at my brother’s place lately.”

Li Yue nodded while chuckling. “Pretty good, pretty good! No matter how much you learn, it won’t compare to practical application! If that punk of mine was half as hard-working and responsible as you, I wouldn’t be so worried!”

Upon hearing Professor Li’s thread of conversation, Ye Wanwan suddenly discovered with alarm that something wasn’t quite right…

As expected, she promptly heard Li Yue saying: “Wanwan, ah, when are you free to come to Grandpa Li’s place for a meal? That punk of mine just happens to be coming home next month. I can have him take good care of you…”

Ye Wanwan was rendered speechless. “…”

While Professor Li was flawless at teaching, he was obviously not so adept at matchmaking! This is too stiff, isn’t it…

Ye Wanwan replied. “*Cough* Um, I’m not too sure, I’ve been quite busy at the company lately…”

“Not a problem, not a problem. Your work and academics are more important; we can talk about it when you have time. That punk of mine just graduated, so he’s free any time!”

Ye Wanwan found it hard to continue the conversation, so she randomly made up some excuse and hastily retreated.

How sinful…

She merely made a trip to the school, but she was hit on one moment and matchmade the next moment…

There were simply landmines everywhere!

After finally throwing Li Yue off her tail with great difficulty and running out of the multimedia hall, Ye Wanwan’s phone started ringing.

The caller was Si Yehan.

“Hey…” Ye Wanwan’s voice sounded guilty for no reason.

It had only been a short period of time, but how many times had she broken the rules and “provoked” the opposite sex?

“It’s finished?” His deep voice came through the phone.

“Yes, just finished. Coming to your place now!”

“I’m at the entrance of your school. I’ll take you to get styled,” Si Yehan said.

“Oh, alright. I’ll head over now!” Ye Wanwan hung up the phone and sprinted toward the entrance to the school.

When Ye Wanwan approached the entrance, she could see a black car whose brand she couldn’t discern. It was parked there, low-profile. Si Yehan was waiting for her while leaning against the car door.

What was unfortunate was that as Ye Wanwan walked toward Si Yehan, several guys started hitting on her.

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