Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1006 - Being mentioned by name

Chapter 1006: Being mentioned by name

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Upon hearing this, Ye Wanwan looked up from her notebook at once.

Hm, I never imagined that my actions would one day appear in Professor Li’s lessons…

It felt quite magical.

“Of course I know! That scandal was such a large commotion back then! I bet there’s no one here who doesn’t know, right?”

“Han Xianyu was truly wronged! Thank goodness the whole truth was revealed in the end!”

The students beneath the stage all started to talk.

Professor Li nodded. “Who will analyze this case?”

The girl named Yu Ya appeared to want to raise her hand, eager to give it a try.

However, Professor Li paused on the stage, and his gaze shot straight toward Ye Wanwan’s direction, evidently noticing her.

When the birthday banquet was held, Li Yue lavished her with praise and nearly started a brawl with Zhou Qinggang, the board member of Imperial City University, while fighting over her.

Upon seeing that Ye Wanwan was attending his seminar, Li Yue was naturally very pleased. Hence, he said with a slight smile, “Oh, I seemed to have spotted Imperial Media’s top entering student this year, Student Ye Wanwan!”

What? Ye Wanwan!

Upon hearing this name, every student present revealed an excited and astonished expression.

Ye Wanwan was the top scorer on the university entrance examination for liberal arts of her year in Imperial City. Imperial Media University and Imperial City University both fought over her violently, but Ye Wanwan chose Imperial Media in the end. All of Imperial Media University knew about this.

Unfortunately, after Ye Wanwan entered the university, neither head nor tail of her could be seen. Aside from appearing for every exam and some key subjects, she was rarely seen.

All everyone knew was that after entering the university, she continued receiving scholarships for being number one in her grade and she even applied for early graduation.

“Damn, that legendary female top student also came today?” The guy who flirted with Ye Wanwan earlier also became a bit excited, but he didn’t dare to be too obvious with his girlfriend by his side.

“I heard she’s super impressive! She doesn’t come to class but still gets number one in every subject!”

“Just who is it?”

Everyone in the hall instantly followed Li Yue’s line of sight.

Hearing herself being mentioned by name by Professor Li, Ye Wanwan hurriedly stood up from her seat.

Ay, I thought I would be called upon by Professor Li today. Good thing I came.

The guy noticed someone suddenly standing up next to him. It was the beautiful woman he suggestively hit on earlier! His face immediately froze.

She… She is…

Next to him, his girlfriend, who had been clinging onto his arm saccharinely, was also startled.

Why did this girl stand up?

“Professor Li!” Ye Wanwan greeted him after standing up.

Professor Li nodded a few times in succession. “Quite good, quite good. Well then, Student Ye Wanwan, how about you analyze it for us!”

Upon hearing Professor Li’s suggestion, the girlfriend’s face instantly turned ashen and filled with astonishment.

This… this girl is actually Ye Wanwan!

The multimedia hall erupted with discussion.

“Sh*t! That beauty who entered earlier is actually the legendary top student at our school, Ye Wanwan!”

“Ye Wanwan is actually this good-looking? This is simply illogical…”

This case was created by Ye Wanwan herself, so there was probably no one who understood it better than herself.

After Ye Wanwan stood up, she fluently analyzed the case study from start to end.

Everyone was originally suspicious that something was amiss, but after hearing her textbook answer, all doubts evaporated…

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