Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1002 - He's really a genius

Chapter 1002: He’s really a genius

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After filming ended, the surrounding fans and students began to excitedly scream non-stop…



“Who said my Gong Xu can’t act? They must be blind, right?”

“I came just for my little angel Xian Yu, but how did I end up falling for Gong Xu?! This can’t be right, can’t be right! I need to save myself for my little angel Xian Yu! I can’t cheat on him like this!”

“Oh! I can’t hold back! I’m sorry…”

“Great! Cut!” the director shouted.

Filming was done in one take.

The director kept giving praise: “Not bad, not bad! The acting was very natural without any flaws, especially for Gong Xu!”

“Ahahahaha… I already said it before! This young master is really a genius! Isn’t my work worthy of a Golden Orchid? So easy! Ye-ge, you don’t need to worry about my acting anymore!”

After hearing everyone’s praise, Gong Xu’s smile was so wide that it reached his ears.

Ye Wanwan sighed as she watched from afar.

This guy… really thinks they’re praising him…

Earlier on, Ye Wanwan helped him go over the script several times. This scene matched his personality completely, so of course there were no flaws in his acting. Ye Wanwan already predicted that much.

The trickier parts were in the second half…

Han Xian Yu set down the script in his hands and said to Ye Wanwan, “There’s a lot of potential in this film and there’s even hopes of winning an award. It’s not impossible that he wins a Golden Orchid for Best Actor…”

Han Xian Yu said that before helplessly adding another sentence. “Of course, I’m talking about Luo Chen…”

This film had two male leads and Luo Chen wasn’t bad as long as Gong Xu didn’t drag his hind legs. Looking purely at Luo Chen’s acting, he had a shot at the award.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and suddenly said, “Xian Yu, in the history of the Golden Orchid, has there ever been a precedent of a film winning two awards for Best Actor?”

Han Xian Yu was stunned. “That’s… never happened before! Although there’s several movies with two male leads making the cut, it’s never happened before. Even if there are two male leads in a film, there can only be one. You’re not thinking…”

Han Xian Yu never imagined Ye Wanwan actually carried such hopes. Not only did she want the Best Actor award for her film, but she wanted two!

Ye Wanwan smirked. “We’ll have to see if Gong Xu is willing to put in the effort… As for Luo Chen, he has about an 80 percent chance…”

Han Xian Yu laughed. “You’re that confident about Luo Chen?”

Ye Wanwan appeared smug. “Of course. I groomed him personally!”

Han Xian Yu then asked, “What about me?”

Ye Wanwan sighed. “You received a Golden Orchid when you were eighteen and the film you debuted in was received extremely well. Last year, you were even nominated for a national film. You’ve already left the rookie group and are considered a veteran with talent. There’s nothing more I can do to help you…”

Eh, why do I suddenly understand Si Ye Han’s words from earlier?

“The nomination for the film last year was because of you. You were the one who made me decide to choose that film,” Han Xian Yu replied.

Aside from that, Ye Bai also gave him other reminders. During those times, he wasn’t even her artist. He was only a friend.

She helped him countless times – she just never took it to heart.

After Han Xian Yu finished saying that, he changed the topic back to Gong Xu. “The scene Gong Xu just did was very good, but as for the latter half, I’m afraid…”

Ye Wanwan peered at Gong Xu and smiled. “After the first half of the film is done, I prepared a training camp of hell for Gong Xu…”

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