Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1003 - Can't relax at all

Chapter 1003: Can’t relax at all

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Gong Xu, who was completely engrossed in his own acting skills, suddenly felt chills running down his back.

However, Gong Xu didn’t pay any attention to that and cheerfully skipped toward Ye Wanwan to be praised.

“Brother Ye, Brother Ye, did you see? Don’t my acting skills deserve a Best Actor’s?”

“Not bad, good job!” Ye Wanwan’s face was full of grandmotherly kindness without revealing any of her true feelings.

Gong Xu turned boastful immediately. “Hahaha, Luo Chen, just follow my lead without any worry! With my skills, I’ll certainly win that bet!”

Luo Chen: “…” I can’t relax at all, alright…

Emperor Sky Entertainment, general manager’s office:

In dealing with Tan Zhenxin’s incident, Ye Yiyi had been utterly exhausted lately from making all sorts of apologies and handling the media.

With the truth laid bare, Emperor Sky Entertainment had no choice but to publish an apology statement, announce that the shooting of the movie would be stopped, and give Xu Lin his deserved compensation.

Ending the shooting of the movie caused quite substantial damage to them since all the promotion and pre-shooting preparations they made at the beginning all went down the drain.

Originally, this movie was estimated to be quite profitable. Now, not only did they not earn a single cent, but they also had to lose a large sum of money.

“I was too careless and didn’t expect to fall into Ye Mu Fan’s trap…” Ye Yiyi was self-reproaching.

Gu Yue Ze embraced her delicate body and gently comforted her. “Yiyi, don’t blame yourself. It’s just money. It’s nothing to Emperor Sky. As for our reputation, the one who stole the script was Tan Zhenxin; we can’t be blamed for our oversight. It won’t cause too big of an impact on us.”

Ye Yiyi’s eyes darkened. “However, that script is now in Ye Mu Fan’s hands…”

The good script she picked with great effort landed in their opponent’s hands, and they basically helped their opponent promote for free. How could she be happy with that?

Gu Yue Ze was unconcerned. “When Xu Lin gave them the script, one of the requirements was to be completely loyal to the script. And you’ve seen the original script.”

“If it isn’t altered, do you think anyone would accept the depressing and suffocating plot near the end and the tragic ending? A wasteful young master like Ye Mu Fan doesn’t know the current movie market at all. Soon, he’ll find out this isn’t a career he can succeed in simply because he wants to. Don’t worry! I’ve already invited top producer, Rong Junwei, to come back and remake the movie that made him famous, ‘That Summer’!”

As soon as Ye Yiyi heard Rong Junwei’s name, surprise and joy filled her face. He was the king of the box office and the godfather of idol dramas; he had once achieved miracles in the box office!

Ye Yiyi looked at the man in front of her with great admiration and coquettishly leaned into his arms. “Yue Ze, thank goodness I have you. I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise…”

Then Ye Yiyi continued, “Yue Ze, although you’re merely the interim general manager right now, Grandfather is old now, and my father… You know him. He really doesn’t have much experience in management and completely relies on the expensive people Grandfather hired from overseas to manage things for him. I’m Father’s only daughter, so in the end, our Ye family will have to rely on you…”

In other words, the Ye family would belong to her in the future, which basically meant it would belong to the son-in-law, Gu Yue Ze.

Gu Yue Ze’s eyes glinted, and he gently said, “Yiyi, don’t worry. Your business is my business. Although I’m only an interim manager, I’ll do my best. Just leave the rest to me. You can just happily wait to become my bride!”

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