Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1001 - Outbreak of good acting

Chapter 1001: Outbreak of good acting

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Gong Xu smiled as he put his hand on Luo Chen’s shoulder. “Good brother of mine, when there is good fortune, we must share it together! You don’t need to thank me!”

Luo Chen silently swatted a certain someone’s hand off. “…”

Ye Wanwan waved her hand with disapproval. “Don’t play around anymore. Go get ready – you’re both about to film!”

The two went to prepare themselves and Ye Wanwan returned to where Han Xian Yu was sitting, waiting for the filming to begin.

In the film, Gong Xu played the young master Xue Shao Yang, who was from a rich family, while Luo Chen played Shen Yue, a sniper from a special forces unit.

Filming began from when Xue Shao Yang first met Shen Yue’s little sister and kept sticking to her like a stalker, causing him to develop a bad relationship with Shen Yue.

After the Xue family noticed how Xue Shao Yang wasn’t ever focused on studying and was becoming even more disobedient, they decided to send him to train with the unit with their family’s soldiers.

Once he entered the unit, Xue Shao Yang met Shen Yue for the second time.

If this film went the youthful idol route, their box office sales wouldn’t be too bad judging by the looks of the cast…

But due to Ye Wanwan’s ambitions, her goal went beyond the box office.

In her previous life, Tan Zhen Xin made a lot of severe cuts in the film for the box office, so the remainder of the film that was released only contained some romance between Xue Shao Yang and Shen Yue’s little sister.

Ye Wanwan took a different route and instead, she kept most of the original script where the focus was on the two male leads while the female lead became a supporting character.

The majority of the film focused on the process of Xue Shao Yang entering the unit and becoming an elite soldier from his original rich playboy self…

The scene that was going to be filmed today was when Xue Shao Yang was hanging out with his sleazy friends and harrassing a first-year female student. Coincidentally, this female student was the little sister of Luo Chen’s character, Shen Yue.

Shen Yue had just returned home to visit that day and went to the school to see his sister. He then encountered Xue Shao Yang and his friends harassing his sister and the two parties fought.

Shen Yue protectively placed his sister behind him and angrily rushed forward to beat up the others.

Xue Shao Yang had a vain and frivolous expression as he sneered at Shen Yue. “Hey, even if you’re Shen Ying’s older brother, you can’t interfere with her feelings! What if she likes me and has feelings for me?! If you hit me, won’t she feel hurt?”

Xue Shao Yang was being ridiculous and overbearing, causing the nerves on Shen Yue’s face to nearly explode from anger.

At that moment, Xue Shao Yang glanced at Shen Ying and asked with a smirk, “Fellow student, you’re sure you… really don’t like me?”

A breeze passed by and the youth’s light smirk under the cherry blossom tree was a truly romantic and dream-like sequence…

What girl could resist such temptation? Shen Ying was no exception.

The young girl was blushing red on both cheeks and she lowered her head as she was pulled away by her older brother.

After walking a short distance, Shen Ying couldn’t help turning back for a glance.

In her eyes, it was clear she had left her heart behind…

The playful Xue Shao Yang seemed as though he expected she would look back and he instantly broke out into a smile…

This scene emphasized Xue Shao Yang’s personality and the most detestable aspect of it was how Gong Xu was able to fully bring out Xue Shao Yang’s arrogant, vain, and overbearing nature.

Clearly, he was in the wrong and made no sense, but he was able to correct the wrong into a right through his words. The line he said to Shen Ying especially made people’s hearts flutter.

On camera, the youth was overbearing, but with his fresh outfit, dazzling good looks, and high-spirited attitude, people couldn’t look away.

Ye Wanwan was nodding with satisfaction as she observed the scene. She hadn’t wasted her efforts on Gong Xu.

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