People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

Chapter 287 - Chapter 287: Training Camp (2)

Chapter 287: Training Camp (2)

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Several people outside the door were crouching next to the body of the mutant to search for evidence.

A few minutes later, two people climbed out from the well.

“How is it?!”


The noble lady knelt down on the ground and began to sob loudly.

Everyone looked at each other. The leading woman named Li Na quickly stepped forward to comfort her.

“Don’t panic just yet, Nan Nan might still be alive…”

“According to the traces of the shelter, she was indeed lived here before…”

“She must have left not long ago!”

“Outside this shelter, there’s a body of a strange mutant that died today…”

“This means that after Nan Nan arrived at the shelter, she was trapped inside by the creature. Someone, or a group of people, passed by, killed the mutant, and rescued her…”

The noble lady suddenly said, “It’s not a rescue, it’s abduction!”

“My Nan Nan came here, surely waiting for her father to return. She wouldn’t just leave easily…”

“It must have been that group of people who deceived her, made her open the door, and then abducted her!”

The rest of the group felt her assumption made sense. The girl was so determined to wait for her father that she dared to sneak out and came back to the shelter alone. It’s unreasonable for her to leave with strangers.

Li Na, who was one of the first follower of Meng Xian is a first-tier superhuman. After a brief thought, she quickly said, “Check the surroundings for any traces…”

Someone found traces in a small grove. “There are footprints here, they look fresh…”

“Let’s go, follow them!”

The group set off again, chasing in the direction Zhao Yu had left.

“Let me make this clear first. That gathering place has already been occupied by mutated beasts or human. When we get there, we will observed from a safe distance…”

Zhao Yu laid down the rules to Nan Nan. He was only responsible for taking her to find out about her father’s situation. No matter what, they would leave immediately after without lingering.

“I understand. Just one look and I’ll give up…” Nan Nan seemed to understand that her father might already be dead, but she had always struggled to accept it.

Zhao Yu shook his head and continued on the journey with her.

After about an hour, they finally stopped outside a factory.

This was an electric power plant that had been transformed into a gathering hub for trading. Solar power generation made it a rare place with electricity in the post-apocalyptic world.

In the past, the factory head gathered many people. Over time, it became a settlement, attracting other survivors to trade.

Unfortunately, a mutated beast occupied it last month, and the gathering hub was abandoned.

At the outskirts of the power plant, Zhao Yu looked from afar several times but didn’t spot the mutated beast.

“Is it not here?!”

A month ago, when he had visited this plant. He had indeed seen the mutated beast from a distance. Given its size, it wasn’t easy to hide.

“Or perhaps it was just passing by and now it already left?!”

He didn’t dare to act rashly. Although he couldn’t see the mutated beast, he could faintly spot shadows moving inside the power plant.

Had the settlers returned?!

From such a distance, Zhao Yu couldn’t make out the details of the shadows. “Wait here for me; I’ll take a closer look!”

Zhao Yu headed towards the power plant’s main gate.

Those shadows inside the power plant weren’t living humans at all, but mutated human.


Nan Nan’s voice rang out from behind.

Zhao Yu saw a figure rushing into the power plant.

Damn it!

Zhao Yu quickly moved forward and grabbed Nan Nan.

“Look closely! Those things inside are no longer human being; they’re all mutated human…”

“Let me go! My dad is in there…”

Tears streamed down Nan Nan’s face as she stared at the monstrous figures inside the power plant, her agony evident.

She never expected that her reunion with her father would be under such circumstances.

At the same time, a group of people arrived behind them.

They saw Zhao Yu was holding Nan Nan back while the girl struggling desperately in his arms.

“Nan Nan, that’s my Nan Nan, save her! Please!!” The noblewoman recognized her immediately and urgently appealed to the leader of the group.

“You bastard!”

Li Na’s eyes were filled with rage. Without hesitation, she raised her gun and fired.

From a distance.

Zhao Yu felt a danger from behind and instinctively dodged to the side.


A flash of light followed by the sound of a gunshot passed him.

Zhao Yu was not expecting someone to shoot him.

He saw Nan Nan’s mother was leading a group, each armed with firearms, and they were rapidly approaching with hostile intent.

Damn, they have misunderstood me again?!

Zhao Yu quickly realized that his action of preventing Nan Nan from entering might have been misconstrued by the group as some harmful intent.

He made a swift decision. Zhao Yu held Nan Nan as a human shield, and raised his gun against her temple.

“Nobody move!”

Immediately, the charging crowd slowed their pace.

“Let her go!”


Anger was evident on the faces of the crowd. Several guns were pointed at Zhao Yu. If not for the fact that he had a hostage, they would have already fired.

Li Na was assessing whether she could shoot and take down Zhao Yu in an instant.

Zhao Yu bent down slightly, hid behind Nan Nan and shouted loudly, “Don’t mess around with me or I’ll shoot!”

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