People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

Chapter 288 - Chapter 288: Training Camp (3)

Chapter 288: Training Camp (3)

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“Don’t shoot!”

The noble lady rushed to the front and blocked the other people.

Li Na noticed that Zhao Yu had dodged the gun at the beginning.

Normal people would not be able to dodge bullets. The only explanation was that Zhao Yu was a perception-based Enhancer.

“Zhao Yu, our leader kindly let you live, yet you still dare to commit crime?!”

She was furious and shouted angrily.

That shot had successfully disturbed the mutants in the power plant. He could hear at least thirty of them charging toward their direction.

Zhao Yu quickly shifted his direction and took Nan Nan as a hostage before retreating to the other side.

The rest of the people naturally wouldn’t let it go, and they bit down on it from a distance of more than 20 meters.

” Boss, there are mutants behind us!”

As the positions of both parties changed, the people who followed them finally discovered the situation in the power plant.

Everyone felt their scalps go numb when they saw the densely packed mutants.

“Zhao Yu, let her go and I’ll spare your life!”

Li Na quickly shouted.

Zhao Yu did not respond and continued to search for a escape pathway. Soon, he retreated to a road outside the wall that bypassed the factory. There was a wall pier about half a meter high on the side of the road, which was perfect for avoiding bullets.

Zhao Yu turned to look at the factory. The mutants were almost at the door.


Following the order, everyone picked up their guns and began firing at the mutants in the factory.

Zhao Yu made a prompt decision. He quickly let go of Nan Nan and turned around to enter the bypass road. He leaned against the wall and fled quickly.



Two bullets brushed past the wall.

After Li Na fired two shots and it did not hit Zhao Yu. She did not pursued.

She quickly came up to Nan Nan’s side, carried her up and retreated.



At the entrance, the corpses of mutants fell to the ground one after another, including Nan Nan’s father.

“Daddy…” Tears streamed down Nan Nan’s face, but she did not struggle to go over.


The Mutants in the power plant were still rushing over. They couldn’t stop them all.

Immediately, the group split into two groups. One group fled with all their might, while the other group of three stayed behind to cover the rear.

The chase lasted for about an hour before they finally got rid of the them.

The group fled back to the fallout shelter before and took a rest.

“Nan Nan, are you alright?” It was only then that the noble lady rushed to Nan Nan’s side and checked carefully to see if she was injured.

“It’s a pity that beast Zhao Yu got away…”

“Mom, my dad is dead…”

“I saw it. He has turned into a monster…” The noble lady sighed deeply, obviously having seen the familiar figure lying at the entrance of the power plant.

“Mom, I don’t have a dad anymore…” Mother and daughter immediately embraced each other, crying uncontrollably.

After a while, as their emotions slightly settled, Li Na began to figure things out with Nan Nan.


“You begged him to take you there?!”

When the crowd heard that Nan Nan had requested with Zhao Yu to take her to find her father, they could not believed it.


“I clearly saw you were struggling in his arms…”

Nan Nan apologized immediately, “When I saw my dad, I lost control and wanted to rush in, he was trying to stop me…”

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief, finding it hard to trust their ears.

It was clear they had misunderstood Zhao Yu.

“But if Zhao Yu didn’t harm you, why did he take you hostage in the end?”

Li Na was still a bit puzzled about his action.

“Damn it, what’s wrong with them? Attacked me without even knowing the truth…”

On the other side, Zhao Yu ran through the forest, cursing under his breath.

If not for his latent skills that he had never shown, he would probably have been shot dead today.

Upon seeing Nan Nan’s mother and Meng Xian’s people. Zhao Yu knew he wouldn’t be able to explain himself in a short time.

Recalling their first impression of him, Zhao Yu chose to use Nan Nan as a hostage.

After all, they had fired the first shot. If he had passively surrendered, wouldn’t he be leaving his fate in others’ hands?

That’s why he made the decision to take Nan Nan as a hostage for his safety guarantee.

If he had been mistakenly killed, all would be in vain. Even if Li Na apologized at his grave, what good would it do? He was already dead!

Zhao Yu finally could relaxed when he passed the forest. Glancing at his tech point balance, a smile appeared on his face.

[Technology Points: 139]

The biggest part was the daily mission and the urgent mission, which provided a total of 60 Technology Points.

“With that, I have enough Technology Points now.”

“I can finally create a training camp!”

After another four hours of travelling, Zhao Yu finally returned to the base.

The training camp was set up next to the energy station.

[Do you wish to spend 100 Technology Points to exchange for a training camp?!]



[Technology Points: 43]

A new building appeared in front of him.

The training camp was six meters tall and covered an astonishing area. It was even larger than the base and the energy station combined.

Zhao Yu didn’t care about these details. He hurriedly walked in and checked the details of the training camp.

[Current Trainable Troops: Mobilized Troops!]

[Mobilized Soldiers: ]

[Strength: 5]

[Agility: 5]

[Stamina: 6]

[Weight: 66 kg]

[Height: 175 cm]

[Basic Skills: Basic Firearms, Basic Combat Skills.]

[Exchange Requirement: 1 Technology Point, 72 kg of flesh, 1 kg of cloth, 10 grams of gold, 100 grams of silver, 500 grams of copper.]

[Note: Mobilized soldiers have humanoid biological clones and their brains are controlled by Al chips. They will move according to their inherent instructions in areas without signal.]

[Note: Current base radiation range: Within this range, the commander could remotely give orders from within the base. If he wanted to expand the signal range, he could build a radar or signal car.]

[Note: When the number of mobilized soldiers reaches 10, the option to exchange for land infantry will be activated..]

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