People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

Chapter 286 - Chapter 286: Training Camp

Chapter 286: Training Camp

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Zhao Yu discovered that today’s daily task refresh point was actually at the location of the mother-daughter refuge he had passed by earlier.

“Could it be that they didn’t go looking for Meng Xian’s protection?11

Whether they went to find her or not didn’t really matter as the decision was up to them. What made Zhao Yu hesitate was whether he should take on this task.

Setting out from the base to that location would take over six hours. Half a day would be gone for round trip.

If I don’t do the task, 1’11 have to wait until the day after tomorrow…”

After all, not only did the training camp require tech points for exchange, but subsequent Munitions Factory, Tank Factory, and many more buildings in rhe future also needed tech points to unlock.

He checked his ammunition, seven bullets remained that should suffice.

Zhao Yu emptied his backpack and only took water and dry food sufficient for a day. After double check and decided his route, he set off once again.

As soon as he walked out of the factory gate, a mutant from a distance spotted him and charged straight towards him.

Zhao Yu draw out his pistol, yet after a while he turned around and ran away.

With limited bullets, he decided it was best not to waste it other than critical situation.

Six hours of travel…

Zhao Yu returned to the refuge he had passed by few days ago.

From a distance, he indeed saw a mutant guarding the entrance.

As for the mutant he had killed a few days ago, there was no trace left of its corpse. It had probably been eaten by wild animals.

After observing for a while and not spotting any other mutants, Zhao Yu cautiously approached.


The mutant charged towards Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu pull the trigger when the distance between them closed to three or four meters.

“Bang-!” With a loud noise, rhe mutant fell to the ground.

[Daily task completed, reward of 30 tech points received.]

Zhao Yu walked around the mutant’s corpse to the refuge’s manhole cover and knocked gently, asking, “Is anyone inside?!’1

A faint voice came from below.

“Is it the uncle from before?!”

Zhao Yu recognizing the voice of the little girl. “It’s me. 1 saw a mutant guarding this place, but I’ve taken care of it.”


The manhole cover opened, and the little girl crawled out.

“Where’s your mother?!”

Zhao Yu curiously asked why was she alone.

“She’s at Meng House Village…”

“Uncle, do you have any food?”


Zhao Yu took out the food and handed it to her.

The girl gobbled it down hungrily.

“Why are you here if your mother is at Meng House Village?”

After she had eaten enough to satisfy her hunger, Zhao Yu asked again.

“I sneaked out myself…”

The girl replied somberly, “1 wanted to come back and wait for my father…”

So willful!

Zhao Yu shook his head. Considering her young age, he didn’t reprimand her but instead inquired about the situation at Meng House Village.

“Over a hundred people have gathered there. Under the leadership of Master Meng, everything is orderly…”

“Over a hundred people?!” When he left, there were only about ten people. How had so many gathered in such a short time?

“It seems many of them came from the previous Meng House Village. Some others are survivors from nearby.”

“Uncle, can you take me to the previous gathering place?”


“Before my father disappeared, he said that he went to the colony to exchange for something, but he never came back after he that. 1 want to go there and take a look…”

Zhao Yu was about to refuse but another notification sounded in his mind.

[Urgent mission: Escort Nan Nan to the colony. Mission reward: 3a Technology Points.]

There was actually a mission?

Zhao Yu hadn’t expected that charting with others would lead to an urgent task.

“I have nothing else to offer as a reward, only myself. If you can escort me there, I’ll give you my first time…”


Zhao Yu was looking ar her in astonishment. He hadn’t expected her to say such a thing.

“What nonsense are you talking about? You’re just a kid and you…”

“I’m not a kid. I’m 15 this year…” Nan Nan interrupted Zhao Yu, puffing out her chest as she spoke.

“Do you think I’m a beast?!” Zhao Yu shook his head.

“Given how filial you are, 1’11 escort you there, no reward necessary.”

“Thank you, uncle!”

The joy on her face, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but warned her, “In rhe future, you shouldn’t trust or make any promise to others so easily…”

She was lucky ro have met him. Had it been someone else, who knows…

After a brief rest, the two set off.

About half an hour, a group of people hurriedly arrived.

“Nan Nan!”

“Nan Nan!”

A woman in her thirties arrived at the refuge and immediately began calling out anxiously.

“Wait, I’ll go down with you!”

Just as rhe woman was about to descend, another woman accompanying her and went into the refuge first.

The others stood guard on the surface.

“This mutant here seems to have been killed recently…”

“It was definitely killed today. Otherwise, an overnight corpse wouldn’t be this intact….”

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