People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

Chapter 285 - Chapter 285: Energy Station (3)

Chapter 285: Energy Station (3)

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In this underground fallout shelter, all weapons was under the administrators control.

These people were probably cannon fodder, or rather, the lower-class people in the fallout shelter. Even if they were sent out, they would only be given some useless weapons.

Do you have anything to eat?”


They came out to recruit people because they considered that there might not be enough food on the ground, so they wanted to use food to exchange for talents.

Who knew that it was simply as bad as hell.

” Is it the mutant blocked your way so you can’t go back?””

“Yes, this place is too terrifying…”

“I want to go home…”

From their expressions, it could be seen that they did not want to stay on the ground for even a moment.

“How about this? Leave the food behind. I’ll lure them away for you…”


The two of them were stunned for a moment, and then they revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

” Are you serious?!”

“Of course!”

Zhao Yu nodded.” Can I see what you have to eat?”!”

“Yes, yes…”

The woman opened her backpack and showed it to Zhao Yu.

There were various types of canned food, various compressed packaged food, and some mineral water.

“Yes, that’s enough!”

” You guys just stand here. Wait for me to lure them away. When the time comes, you guys run all the way back to your safe house. Understand?”!”

As he spoke, he reached out to take the backpack.

“How do we know that you won’t leave us behind after taking the things?!”

Zhao Yu smiled and raised the gun in his hand. “Then I’ll change my excuse. Hand over the food!”

As expected!

The man didn’t expect his natural worries to come true.

The man in front of her really had no good intentions!

She thought that she had met her savior. Who knew that it was a bad person!

Looking at their performance, Zhao Yu was a little curious and asked,”How did you get the right to enter the fallout shelter?!”

“I… My dad is a leader…” The woman shrugged her shoulders.

“Your father is the leader. Why did he send you out?!”

“My dad is dead…The management of the fallout shelter has changed…”

The new fallout shelter was a closed small society. After losing contact with the outside world, his original identity would naturally be invalid.

It wouldn’t be long before ambitious and powerful people would rise to the top.

He took the two backpacks and shook them with his hands. Each of them weighed about ten pounds.

Zhao Yu thought for a moment and started to tidy up. He took out the water from his backpack and threw it on the ground. Then, he combined the food from the two backpacks into one backpack.

This time, the weight was reduced by half.

“Big brother, can you take us with you?!”

The woman saw that she could not do anything, so she simply began to seek shelter.

“You don’t want to go back?”

“Yes!” The woman blurted out and was a little confused.” Can I really go back?!”

“Depends on yourself!”

After Zhao Yu finished speaking, he put his backpack on his back and walked towards the fortress.

The two people behind him were a little surprised.

They had thought that they had been robbed, but from Zhao Yu’s words, was he really going to fulfill his promise by luring the monsters away?!

How could there be such a good person in this post-apocalyptic world?!

The two of them were a little uncertain. They could only stay where they were and quietly waited for Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu left the forest. After walking for a while, he was about a hundred meters away from the fortress. Finally, a mutant noticed him and rushed toward him.


Zhao Yu directly chose to shoot.

His marksmanship was not bad. Before entering the fallout shelter, he had gone to the shooting range to train!

However, he was still a little far from the target. The shot didn’t hit his head. It only hit his shoulder.

Zhao Yu did not panic and pulled the trigger again!

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Three more gunshots rang out, and the mutated monster that were charging towards him were all killed on the spot.

At the same time, a system notification sounded in Zhao Yu’s mind.

[Daily mission completed. Reward: 30 Technology Points.]

Zhao Yu could not care less about anything else. The moment he heard the notification, he turned around and ran.

All the mutants near the bunker moved like dogs that smelled blood. They rushed toward Zhao Yu.

“He actually helped us luring the monsters!”

The two people hiding in the forest were shocked when they saw this scene.

Luring the mutants wasn’t a genuine act of heroism on Zhao Yu’s part.

His task specifically required him to eliminate one of the mutants in the vicinity.

Of course, Zhao Yu was quite confident in his own speed.

Most mutants had physical abilities similar to ordinary humans, with their most distinct feature being their fearlessness in the face of death.

Zhao Yu had taken a genetic enhancement elixir. Although it wasn’t as powerful as the latest generation elixir mentioned by Meng Xian, it had significantly enhanced his physical capabilities.

After about ten minutes, Zhao Yu managed to shake off all the mutants and quickly entered his base.


Taking a few deep breaths, Zhao Yu put down his backpack and swiftly moved to the monitoring room to check the situation outside.

The silhouettes of mutants appeared near the base. They seemed to have lost track of Zhao Yu. After a few attempts at ramming the base’s door, they began to wander aimlessly.

Zhao Yu felt relieved. He figured if he waited a little longer, these mutants would disperse once they couldn’t detect any new scent.

Zhao Yu carefully organized its contents. The food he had would be enough to last him a week if he was frugal.

“A good haul!”

Zhao Yu grinned, feeling sweaty from the day’s activities. He decided to take a shower.

After showering, he noticed through the monitoring feed that the number of mutants outside had decreased. Aside from one persistent mutant still ramming the base’s door, others were attracted by the noise, peeked to see if anything was amiss, and then wandered off.

“Keep knocking, let’s find out whether your head is harder or my door!”

Zhao Yu wasn’t worried. The base had a sturdy steel, and with the mutants’ flesh-and-blood bodies, they could hardly cause any substantial damage.

With proper food, Zhao Yu didn’t feel like munching on the biscuits. He had a hearty meal, and by evening, the daily tasks refreshed, and the mutants outside had long since dispersed.

“66 tech points…”

Zhao Yu felt a surge of excitement. The daily task would grant another 30 points. This meant that in about 4 hours, he would again accumulate 100 tech points, enough to redeem a training camp!

After checking the refreshed daily task location, Zhao Yu frowned. “It’s that even a place?!”

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