Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 9


Ye Muyu raised her eyebrows. She felt that she had to find a way out for herself. With that thought in mind, she lowered her head and placed the shoe pad in Chu Ziluo’s hands. “I’m asking you to use it. Your cousin naturally has your grandmother to buy it for her.”

Chu Ziluo felt that her mother was too gentle, which made her feel uneasy, but she could not feel that her mother was angry.

She accidentally poked her hand with a needle.

“Ah.” Chu Ziluo cried out in pain.

Ye Muyu grabbed her hand and sucked it with her mouth. She wiped it with the softest cloth beside her. “I remember that there’s medicine at home. Go and wipe it. I’ll make these shoes.”

She did not want to reveal the traces that she was not good at needlework and let the little girl give her a demonstration. Who knew that the child was too young and could not control her strength. Even if women in ancient times started learning needlework and embroidery at the age of five, they would learn it slowly.

Ye Muyu took out the needles and started to do it herself.

Her movements were a little slow, but coupled with her meticulous and intelligent personality, she was able to get started. At least, the young lady in front of her did not see any signs of her hands being rusty.


“Mother, my hand is fine.” Chu Ziluo quickly waved her hands, wanting to fight for it.

Ye Muyu saw that she was obviously too sensitive and decided to divert her attention.”Your father went to his parent’s house. Go and ask when he will be back.”

“Mother, should I go?”

Seeing the fear in the little girl’s eyes, Ye Muyu had a headache. This child was afraid of both her mother and father. She was too timid.

“Go and see your grandparents while you’re at it.”

Ye Muyu’s tone became a little harsh.

Chu Ziluo quickly stood up. She did not dare to let Ye Muyu say it again and quickly went to the Chu family’s house.

Ye Muyu’s mouth twitched slightly.

He watched Chu Ziluo leave.

In the main room of the Chu family’s main house.

Madam Chu Liu looked at her third son and frowned, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Mother, I’ve thought about it for a long time. Help me inform the clan about this.” Chu Heng’s expression was calm, but his dark eyes flashed with an inexplicable light. In the end, he hardened his heart and planned to eliminate the mistakes that would happen in the future from the root.

“But… Madam Ye did not make a big mistake. If she only said that she would help her family, which family’s young lady would not do this?”

“Mother, you don’t understand. She…” Chu Heng closed his eyes and said no more, “Just treat it as if it’s for my future.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she doesn’t have to worry for the rest of her life.”

“If you want to divorce, you have to see if Madam Ye agrees.” Madam Liu did not understand why her third son would do this, but he was stubborn. If she said more now, he might not listen.

She could only agree while looking for an opportunity to persuade the two of them.

The Chu family’s Old Master frowned as he asked, “Are you sure?”

“If you really want to do this, then I’ll let the clan know that while you’re only a scholar now, it’s still reasonable for you to get a divorce. If you get into the High Scholar examination and have a flaw in your reputation, it won’t be good.”

“Father, I’ve thought it through. I won’t tell my family for the time being. I’ll let the clan know so that they won’t be too surprised.”

Hearing this, Madam Liu could not help but say, “Chu Heng, the one who will be affected the most by this matter is you. You really…”

Madam Liu still wanted to persuade him, but Chu Heng’s attitude was already firm. He didn’t want to say anything more and only said, “Mother, when I leave tomorrow, bring the two children over.”

“I’ll go back and read my books first.”

Chu Heng strode away.

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