Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 10


Madam Liu turned around and saw that the old man was still smoking. She could not help but say anxiously, “Old man, are you really going to agree to this?”

“Do you think we can stop it? His words were clearly prepared for a long time. He even thought about the clan. If we don’t agree, it would cause trouble instead.”

“In short, he let Madam Ye down in this matter.”

“During this last period of time, treat her well and help her plan a way out.”

“Sigh, what’s going on? Moreover, I can’t tell anyone. I’m so anxious.” Madam Liu really did not agree to this. Although Madam Ye was not the best daughter-in-law, how could they get divorced over such a small matter?

Besides, Chu Heng already had two children. How were they going to get along with each other in the future?

“Wait a minute, Chu Heng said that he will never marry again after thet divorce?” Madam Liu eyes widened and she could not help but mutter, “I’m afraid that the couple is having a conflict. No matter how you listen to these words, they sound like a joke…”

Chu Zhiwen exhaled a mouthful of white smoke. He couldn’t figure it out either. “Then let’s stabilize it first.”

Madam Liu nodded her head and did not spread the news for the time being.

“Father? You’re back?” Chu Ziluo had only walked halfway when she met Chu Heng who was walking back. She greeted him softly and waited for Chu Heng to walk over. She quickly followed behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Chu Heng asked.

“Mother called me over to ask when you’re coming back.” Chu Ziluo did not dare to hide anything and answered honestly.

“She came over just because she asked you to?” Chu Heng’s face darkened.”

Chu Ziluo looked at him nervously, not knowing what to say.

Seeing that the child was frightened, Chu Heng’s expression returned to normal. He glanced at the shoes on her feet and said, “Let’s go home first.”

Chu Heng walked quickly, but because his daughter was following him, he subconsciously slowed down.

He entered the courtyard.

Chu Heng subconsciously looked at the master bedroom in the west wing. The window was half-open, but he could not see what Madam Ye was doing inside.

However, when she turned around, she saw her son, Chu Jin, sitting behind the desk in front of the bed and writing. He was still muttering the Thousand Character Script, but he made a few mistakes.

“Heaven, earth, black, yellow, the universe is in chaos. The sun and moon fill the west, and the stars are arranged. Cold comes and summer goes, autumn harvests and winter hides…”

Chu Heng quickly walked to the door of Chu Jin’s room in the east wing and said coldly, “Sun and Moon?”

“Sun and moon surplus… Ah, no, it’s the sun and moon…” Chu Jin was startled by the sudden reprimand. He turned around and saw Chu Heng with a serious expression. His legs were trembling.

“Father… Father…”

“Is this the book you usually read? How can you even misread the front part of the Thousand Character Script? I can see that you don’t usually work hard. Then copy it ten times and hand them to me before you go to bed at night.” Chu Heng ordered.

After hearing this, Chu Jin felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He opened his mouth and was about to cry. Chu Heng looked at him coldly. “Every time you cry, write another one.”

Chu Jin’s tears instantly disappeared. He did not dare to make a scene and could only continue copying the book obediently.

Ten times was not much, but it was enough for Chu Jin to write for an entire day.

Chu Heng turned around and did not see Madam Ye coming out of the room. He snorted coldly and turned around to go into the study to read.

When Ye Muyu heard the voices outside, she only raised her head to take a look. She did not go and protect Chu Jin as Chu Heng had expected.

Chu Jin was indeed spoiled. However, he was afraid of Chu Heng, so she could use him to change his personality.

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