Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 8

Ye Hao

Her face stiffened suspiciously. She looked up at Chu Ziluo and saw that the little girl was looking at her expectantly.

“Ahem.” Ye Muyu’s face was a little red. “Ziluo, you should go first. I’ll take a look at your skills.”

“Alright.” Chu Ziluo did not dare to relax. On one hand, she felt that her mother must be looking for an excuse so she could make shoes. On the other hand, she hoped that her mother would see how capable she was. Would she like her after that?

The little girl had a sensitive personality. She knew from a young age that her mother liked her son and not her daughter, but she still hoped that her mother would like her.

In addition, her mother was very gentle today, so she hid her thoughts.

Ye Muyu saw it clearly and smiled. In fact, timid girls were the easiest to teach. On the contrary, it was more difficult to teach her son, Chu Jin.

However, the other party was still young and had the weakness of being afraid of Chu Heng as a father. She only needed to mention Chu Heng and she would be able to subdue him.

Ye Muyu watched Chu Ziluo thread the needle skillfully. She first made the soles of the shoes and then cut the fabric.

“The soles are too thin, so make them thicker.” Ye Muyu looked at the shoes that she had made for herself. It was made from leftover fabric, and the soles were not thickened.

“Mother, I’ll waste too much cloth.” Chu Ziluo felt even more uncertain. She felt that her mother was suddenly nice to her because her father was at home. However, once her father left, would her mother take back these shoes?

However, she needed a pair of shoes now…

Ye Muyu noticed the change in her emotions and could not hide the fear in her eyes. This child’s thoughts were all on her face, so it was easy to guess.

It was not that she was not good, but it was easy to be at a disadvantage when interacting with someone who had deep thoughts.

“Your father bought the size of this shoe pad. Other than you, no one can use it. If you don’t use it, it’s a waste.”

“Your father hates waste the most.”

Hearing Ye Muyu mention Chu Heng, Chu Ziluo could not help but shiver. She did not dare to refute, but she could not help but remind Ye Muyu softly.

“Mother, my insoles can be used to make shoes for my cousin…”

This was the daughter of the original host’s eldest brother. In the past, she did send many things from the family to her family because her eldest brother had left the army six years ago and never returned.

Some villagers who went to serve in the army came back three years ago, but they were not in the same military camp as Ye Hao.

However, most of the villagers in the other villages had returned. Those who did not return were basically dead.

The county’s reply to the Ye family was that Ye Hao was missing and no one knew if he was dead or alive.

The compensation was also the least.

Because of this, the Old madam of the Ye family went to the county government several times to complain. In the end, it was Chu Heng who came forward and told the Old Madam that it was very easy for such a thing to happen to the young and middle-aged men who went to serve in the military every year. It was better to go missing than to be confirmed dead.

At least, there was still a possibility of survival. Those who were reported dead had already lose their lives.

Perhaps the Old Madam still had a glimmer of hope, so she stopped making a fuss.

After that, the original host helped her family in many ways because of her brother’s accident. However, she did not even take good care of her own child, making her daughter envious of her cousin. It was obvious that Chu Heng did not like the original host.

This was the reason why he had lost his temper at her in the morning. However, she felt that the current Chu Heng seemed to be a little different from the original host’s memory.

Is she had to be specific about what was different…

It seemed like he disliked this wife of his even more.

Could it that he had another woman outside?

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