Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1148 - Heaven Mad Battle Dragon!

Chapter 1148: Heaven Mad Battle Dragon!

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Zhan Lun Hui’s pitch black hair floated in the air, like seaweed in the ocean had been tossed into a tempest. His face remained cold and expressionless, but there was a chilling aura oozing from his body!

Only a few tattered pieces of cloth hung on his body. He should be looking extremely pathetic, but right now, Zhan Lun Hui had an imposing air around him, as if he were a God that had descended upon the mortal realm. And this divine aura filled the air within the blink of an eye!

And the entire air was filled by this tyrannical aura!

“Since you want to push me so far, insist on making an enemy, then this old man shall let you have a taste of what it means for there to be a sky above a sky, a man above a man!” Zhan Yi Xiao laughed coldy and suddenly turned. A tornado formed at his foot, like a dragon that came charging out from underground, sucking in everything in its path!

As the tornado blew, a bluish aura exploded from Zhan Lun Hui’s body! And there were ten thousand silhouettes of Zhan Lun Hui appearing at the same time!

“It is the Heaven Mad Battle Dragon! Hurry up and retreat!” Gu Han’s face changed as he yelled quickly.

Heaven Mad Battle Dragon was the skill that made Zhan Lun Hui famous when he was still Zhan Kuang!

The might of this attack was incomparable! Zhan Lun Hui had used this attack against one of the Nine Nether Young Masters and gained the upper hand!

He could allow countless of spatial cracks to appear at wherever he unleashed this attack! The moment one was hit, no matter which spatial crack they fell into, they could never make it back!

Even an existence who was stronger than Zhan Lun Hui will suffer if he met this attack!

Back then, this attack of Zhan Kuang was listed as one of the tabooed arts!

And it was also Zhan Kuang’s ultimate sure-kill move!

The ‘Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’ that was fighting against Zhan Lun Hui was undoubtedly the enemy of the three Holy Lands, but it was because of his intervention that everyone else from Heaven Saint Palace could surround Zhan Lun Hui. The Heaven Saint Palace owed him a huge favor on this!

So Gu Han couldn’t sit and watch!

But the giant hurricane that was formed by Zhan Lun Hui suddenly exploded!

And countless sparks flew due to the explosion! The impact of it caused countless of spatial cracks that covered the skies! All reeking with the odor of death and destruction!

At the same time, the countless silhouettes of Zhan Lun Hui began attacking from every single possible direction!

And it covered a huge range! The hundred zhang radius of where the Blood of Yellow Flame and Nine Nether Frost Blade appeared!

Zhan Lun Hui’s goal was simple. Anyone within this range will not be able to escape from his wave of attacks! No one will be able to control his sword this nimbly from hundred zhang away!

Even Miao Qing Cheng is incapable of this!

If someone is really able to do this, then that person is no human! But a God!

As long as he was still human, he would never be able to escape this barrage of attacks from Zhan Lun Hui!

And the moment he found his target, no matter how well hidden he was, he would be the focus of all the attacks!

A loud explosion rang out! Countless gusts of Qi fired about in a frenzy.

Even Gu Han and the rest who had formed a circle were sent flying and scattered by this powerful blast!

And those two swords had completely vanished at that moment!

Zhan Yi Xiao continued to stand in the central position, sending his spirit senses out to scan the surroundings. He couldn’t help but let out a smirk. A satisfied grin of someone who had complete victory!

The attack this time had accomplished its expected goal. Although it was not enough to completely annihilate the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, it had temporarily stopped those two bizarre swords. It had also broken the net that Heaven Saint Palace had formed, so there were even greater hopes of his own escape. As long as he escaped, nothing was a problem!

The tornado that had formed due to the Mad Heaven Battle Dragon continued to shred away at the air before slowly returning into a small, faint greyish twister beside Zhan Lun Hui. But Zhan Lun Hui’s body remained clear and distinct as he stood in the void. He looked endlessly pathetic without any clothing covering his body, but there was endless dominance and arrogance exuding from him!

His eyes scanned Gu Han and the rest emotionlessly. He didn’t say a single word.

It was only now that, all those pitch black spatial cracks caused by the Heaven Mad Battle Dragon slowly began to close! Returning back to how it was!

This Heaven Mad Battle Dragon had completely blocked the entire world earlier!

It was truly one of the legendary, godly skills!

Gu Han and the rest from Heaven Saint Palace had a discouraged look on their faces!

They had all heard of how impressive the legendary Zhan Kuang was, but they had never expected him to be this powerful! Zhan Lun Hui’s strength was already enough to shock the entire world and its history!

If Zhan Kuang had used this Heaven Mad Battle Dragon against them, everyone would definitely fall into the cracks of space! With a maximum of only two or three who would manage to escape! Otherwise, it was more likely for all of them to be completely wiped out!

And that apathetic look Zhan Lun Hui had shot them earlier, even though he did not say a single world, the warning behind it was clear!

With all their strength combined, they couldn’t do anything to this great enemy!

Zhan Lun Hui clearly had enough energy to unleash the Heaven Mad Battle Dragon again!

Even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master that had managed to suppress Zhan Lun Hui on his own was completely gone now! Those two dazzling swords too!

Against such a great enemy, how could they fight against him?

Even if they intended to fight to their deaths, it was useless!

From faraway, the volcanoes continued to erupt. The terrifying consequences caused by Zhan Lun Hui was still ongoing. But everyone felt completely powerless when facing Zhan Lun Hui!

Zhan Lun Hui cackled coldly and continued to advance slowly, with his hands behind his back!

Gu Han’s body jerked! A burning look in his eyes!

That was a look of determination! To fight till his death!

That cold laughter of Zhan Lun Hui had sent all his blood boiling!

“Kill! Even if we have to perish with this demon! We must not let him off like this!” Gu Han roared hysterically, raising his fist!

“Kill!~~~~~~” A loud cry rang out.

Fifty top experts went charging at Zhan Lun Hui!

Zhan Lun Hui continued to laugh coldly. He spread both his hands, and a pitch black ball of light began to form in his palms. He threw his head back and exclaimed with a sinister look in his eyes. “Since the three Holy Lands insists on digging your own graves, then I shall fulfil your wishes! Since all your descendants have also perished in this disaster! I shall send you all to be reunited with them! Hahaha…”

He was just about to strike…

When something unexpected happened again!

There was a flash of swordlight! It was that dazzling sword from earlier! This sword flew out with no intentions of turning back!

With a stunning grandeur and great determination, it stabbed Zhan Lun Hui’s chest with the force of a lightning bolt! And at the same time, scattering that ball of light on his palms!

Zhan Lun Hui let out a loud roar!

But this sword did not stop! Continuing to push forward with tremendous force!

In this moment, Zhan Lun Hui had gathered all his Xuan Qi in his chest. That sword was only three inch deep when it met with resistance from the Xuan Qi! Unable to go deeper into the body! But Zhan Lun Hui’s body was also unable to endure this overwhelming force! His body arched as his entire back protruded out!

His head and feet were touching!

He stumbled backwards rapidly under the impact of this tyrannical sword!

In the air, the sword continued to push his body backwards at high speed! Both the sword and Zhan Lun Hui’s body were shooting out bright beams of light!

Pa! One of the experts from Heaven Saint Palace behind Zhan Lun Hui turned into shreds in the air with this explosion! His sword also turned into metal shavings that scattered in the sky!

A situation where he had no strength to withstand but turned into a weapon that he could use to kill his enemies?

Zhan Lun Hui’s skills had really reached an incomprehensible level!

Zhan Lun Hui let out a roar that shakes the heavens! He wanted to stop his body that was sent backwards at high speed, but he was midair and could only prevent his body from being pierced through by this demon-like sword. He couldn’t withstand the overwhelming force from the opponent!

A glint appeared in Gu Han’s eye. Not minding that one of his comrades had died a tragic death, he brought up his sword and stabbed it into Zhan Lun Hui’s chest with a loud holler!

He wasn’t hoping to kill the enemy, but he was hoping to push him back!

At this moment, Gu Han already understood what this ‘Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’ intended to do: with Zhan Lun Hui’s profound skills, he was already at a level where he could not be killed by force! There must be some other way to kill him! And currently, if they wanted Zhan Lun Hui to die, the only way was to—

Push this scumbug into the volcano!

The volcano erupted because of you, Zhan Lun Hui! Then let you, Zhan Lun Hui, be sent to your death by the volcano!

Zhan Lun Hui was first pushed by two tremendous forces as he drew closer to the mouth of the volcano.

He did not have a free hand to strike back!

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