Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1149 - Burning the Demon in the Volcano!

Chapter 1149: Burning the Demon in the Volcano!

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The two swords stuck in his chest were like two rockets, pushing Zhan Lun Hui back with great force. He flew backwards rapidly.

Like a bolt of lightning! Like a falling meteor!

And he was pushed closer and closer to the mouth of the volcano! Gu Han used all his strength, channeling all of his Xuan Qi onto his sword to accelerate the force! The edges of his robes were beginning to smoke! But he still had a determined look in his eyes! His hatred was evident!

Even if he had to die with this wretched existence that brought harm to the world, Gu Han had no regrets!

Zhan Lun Hui could distinctly feel that smouldering heat drawing closer to this back. He let out a furious roar! He was infuriated! But there was nothing he could do about it!

Jun Mo Xie gritted his teeth, his hands on the Blood of Yellow Flame, pushing forward with tremendous force!

This bastardly old thing had already eaten almost a thousand hits from Jun Mo Xie, but Jun Mo Xie was not strong enough! He couldn’t kill him! Right now, this was the only way to kill him!

In the Hongjun Pagoda, Mei Xue Yan repeatedly ran to build up momentum before sending herself flying forward. Knocking against Jun Mo Xie’s back with all her might. By doing this repeatedly, with every impact, Jun Mo Xie would be able to accelerate the pushing!


There was a sharp whistle as a Saint Venerable from Heaven Saint Palace sent himself flying forward like a cannonball, hammering heavily against Gu Han’s back!

Sending Gu Han forward more rapidly!

What they were doing were similar to what Mei Xue Yan was doing, but there was an essential difference. Mei Xue Yan was the only person in this world who understood Jun Mo Xie’s cultivation the best. She had already calculated how much strength she should use when using the impact of her knocking to aid Jun Mo Xie, so as to not bring too much strain to him.

And Young Master Jun had undergone the transformations by the Hongjun Pagoda. His body was strong and well-versed in various ways of fighting, so he didn’t suffer any injuries even though he was repeatedly knocked against!

But it was different for Gu Han. Gu Han had channeled all of his strength onto his sword. His Xuan Qi protection was at its lowest. And that expert from Heaven Saint Palace behind hadcame cannon balling at full force! Even though it had increased the force tremendously, it also resulted in Gu Han sustaining more injuries! The burden on his body was growing!

But Gu Han spat out a mouthful of bloody, gritted his teeth and yelled, “Again!”

Gu Han hated Zhan Lun Hui to the core. This fiend had to be eradicated, be it for the world or for himself. He had already made up his mind to perish together. Even though his injuries were worsening, he did not consider his own safety and asked for more force!

With the repeated impacts, Zhan Lun Hui was only two hundred zhang away from the nearest volcano! A distance like this was essentially the central position of an erupting volcano!

Gu Han’s clothes have already turned into ashes. His hair also began to curl and smoke, before completely turning into ashes.

Zhan Lun Hui let out a crazed roar, blood spurting out of his mouth. He had clearly used some sort of self-harming secret technique to constantly increase his strength, resisting with great might, hoping to break free of his predicament. Under his powerful resistance, they drew closer and closer to the mouth of the volcano. But they were slowing down!

If it continued like this, there was a chance that Zhan Lun Hui might be able to escape right before they entered the volcano! It may be a thousand degrees there, but with Zhan Lun Hui’s deep cultivation, he will still be able to escape!

They’re getting closer now!

An anxious look appeared on Jun Mo Xie’s face! A look of anger and grief was on Gu Han’s face! The both of them, and Mei Xue Yan who was in the Hongjun Pagoda, were already using their full power!

Right now, they had already entered a restricted zone! Those behind could not aid them anymore! If they want to forcefully help, they would only be throwing their life away!

Because this was too near to the mouth of the volcano already!

Recklessly intervening was not helping! They’d only be throwing their life away!

Ten zhang left! There were only ten zhang left! The scorching magma was right before their eyes! It was still shooting up towards the skies angrily! There were already countless of burning red rocks that were flying about, and landing continuously on Gu Han and Zhan Lun Hui’s bodies!

The skin on Gu Han’s body was already wrinkling, and smoke was appearing from them! But Zhan Lun Hui had completely came to a halt! He slowly raised his head… the corners of his lips curled… into a sinister grin!

Even though smoke was coming out from his back! His entire body was practically blistering from the boiling hot lava!

But he had finally stopped himself from moving back!

There were only ten zhang left! Had it been any other time, a Sky Xuan, or even an Earth Xuan could easily overcome it! But right now, it had become a distance that was impossible to get past!

Behind, the experts from Heaven Saint Palace who had been chasing after them also noticed this.

Instantly, someone leapt out. Everyone was raging! Just like Gu Han, they wanted Zhan Lun Hui to die! For this goal, they were willing to pay whatever price was needed!

Including their own life!

One person hollered, “Everyone! Stop fighting! All of you stop! Let me do it!” He didn’t wait for a response. He leapt into the air, stretching his legs out! “Hurry!” He yelled. A look of anguish appeared on everyone’s faces as tears streamed down their faces!

But now was not the time to be emotional. All of them present had lived for thousands of years, how could they not be aware that this was a critical moment? Any small delay, it could just be in the blink of an eye and the entire situation might just change!

With no time to grieve, everyone let out a furious roar with tears in their eyes. They channeled all their strength and releasing it at the same time, all striking at the feet of this person! At the same time, this Saint Venerable kicked his foot backwards with great force—

Borrowing the combined strength of everyone, with colossal energy, he ricocheted like a cannonball! Because of the heat of this place, and the friction between him moving at high speed in the air, his entire body began to burn!

Turning him into a fireball!

At that moment where Zhan Lun Hui’s sinister grin barely had the time to change to a look of shock, that person’s body, with strong wind and flames, and already smashed against his with a loud bang! This Saint Venerable gathered all his strength to lock his grip on Zhan Lun Hui!

Clinging onto his body!

With a bang , this tremendous impact brought these two through that last ten zhang and straight into the boiling lava! Along with Zhan Lun Hui’s cry of objection!

“Fourth Brother ah…” Gu Han let out a cry, feeling as if his heart was being cut up!

And both Jun Mo Xie and Gu Han were still releasing their greatest strength. With the disappearance of Zhan Lun Hui, both of them had suddenly lost the opposing force from the front, and couldn’t help but fall forward towards the smoking mouth of the volcano!

From the looks of it, they were about to perish along with him.

Gu Han closed his eyes, a content smile on his face. Dying like this, even though there were still some regrets, it was good enough!

Behind, everyone let out cries of shock!

Before the blinding heat from the volcano, there was a flash and Gu Han vanished from sight!

The entire world turned silent!

Everyone’s hearts were filled with anguish and agony!

Zhan Lun Hui may have died, but they had also lost Gu Han… and that ‘Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’ who never showed himself also seemed to have died here…

Suddenly, there was a pained howl, a human figure, covered with red, scorching lava flying out from the volcano at high speed!

With a pained screech, it flipped and rolled down from the other side of the volcano! And vanished!

Zhan Lun Hui!

He had clearly fallen into the volcano just now! Right now, he still had the strength to leap out!

Zhan Lun Hui, at the moment of life and death, sacrificed burning his soul to release the seal that he had placed on himself a thousand years ago. Within seconds, he returned back to the peak of his cultivation. And finally escaped from the volcano!

But his physical body was already destroyed!

Zhan Kuang’s reincarnated soul did not get destroyed, but Zhan Lun Hui’s body could no longer be used!

Zhan Lun Hui had sealed his soul in fear that his current body was unable to bear the might and power of his soul and explode! But now, he no longer had a choice, if he didn’t break the seal, he’ll die!

So he chose to release the seal! Releasing the original spirit that belonged to Zhan Kuang! And managed to escape from this treacherous volcano!

Even then, Zhan Lun Hui had sustained great losses in this battle. Not only did his physical body get destroyed, his spirit was half destroyed. Whether he really managed to survive remained to be seen!

In the moment everyone was shocked, they saw another figure flying from the volcano! Towards themselves! When it came closer, to their joy, they realised it was Gu Han!

Not only did the doomed Gu Han not die, there was not much damage to his body!

Because Jun Mo Xie did not reveal himself, the high temperature of the volcano did not have much effect on him. So at the last moment, Young Master Jun grabbed Gu Han and threw him into the Hongjun Pagoda! The Young Master Jun still had some sentiment for Gu Han!

Gu Han had already acknowledged his fate, and closed his eyes to await his death. He had already fulfilled his wish, and he did not have too many regrets. But at the moment the blazing temperature was about to hit him, all of the heat disappeared, as if he had entered a fascinating place.

He couldn’t help but feel shocked. He was about to open his eyes but he was already tossed out.

When he finally opened his eyes again, he realised that he was surrounded by everyone from Heaven Saint Palace and a distance away from the volcano!

He narrowly escaped death!

In fact, at the moment Zhan Lun Hui appeared from the volcano, Jun Mo Xie already went flying after him!

This battle against Zhan Lun Hui had given Jun Mo Xie too many warnings!

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