Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1147 - Holy Land Chases, An Animosity of Eternity!

Chapter 1147: Holy Land Chases, An Animosity of Eternity!

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And even forcing him into a disadvantage of not being able to fight back! And at the same time he did all this, he did not even reveal himself!

What sort of powerful capabilities does this person have, ah?!

When everyone detected the Nine Nether Frost Blade and heard that furious roar from Zhan Lun Hui, a perplexed look filled everyone’s eyes! This person was the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master!

This lunatic!

To think that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was this powerful! But… he had no animosity with Zhan Lun Hui…. so why would he try to stop an expert like Zhan Lun Hui? He was doing his enemy a huge favor!

Gu Han felt even more confused, but he also knew that now was not the time to consider this! Zhan Lun Hui had destroyed the restriction and caused the Pillar of Heavens Mountains to completely collapse! And even triggered the cluster eruption of all the volcanoes! The ten thousand years of three Holy Lands’ hard work were all destroyed!

And the most terrifying consequence was that there was nothing that inhibited the strange races from invading!

Everything was destroyed thanks to Zhan Lun Hui’s outrageous act!

Many people died in the ongoing war between Jun Mo Xie, but it was not as bad as what Zhan Lun Hui had done to them! More than half of the members of the three Holy Lands had all died in this disaster!

The entire beautiful palace of the Elusive World of Immortals turned into a sea of lava! Aside from the four hundred men that managed to escape under Mo Wu Dao’s lead, no one else managed to survive!

It was not any better for the Illusory Blood Sea. They were completely crushed by the Pillar of Heavens Mountains that came crashing down! Under the protection of numerous experts, Huyan Ao Bo managed to make it out alive. But only five hundred others made it out along with him. Of which, may of them were heavily injured, and were in a worse state than the Elusive World of Immortals.

All those ten thousand members of the other extended families of these two Holy Lands did not manage to escape! Old, young, men, women, all of them turned into ashes! And there were even more experts who died in this disaster because they were trying to save their own descendants!

The Supreme Golden City was located slightly further and was more fortunate, but still sustained smaller losses. There was not too much damage to their forces—more than two thousand experts managed to escape!

Hard work of ten thousand years! Ruined in an instant! Ten thousands of experts dying in vain!

Even two Saint Emperors from the Heaven Saint Palace died in this freak disaster! All their spirit herbs were destroyed! Ten thousand years of accumulation going up in smoke! The Sacred Lotus Pond was also destroyed!

What sort of disastrous loss was this!

They often said that it was good as long as they were alive, but all the objects from the Heaven Saint Palace and three Holy Lands were even more priceless than the individuals!

And this accident just had to happen a month before the War for Seizing the Heavens! This was literally announcing the death of the whole Xuan Xuan Continent! All the ten billion lives of Xuan Xuan Continent were completely left exposed to the bloody butcher knives of the strange races!

And the three Holy Lands had been weakened by eighty percent of their strength before this great battle!

And that natural protection that obstructed both lands had turned into a pile of rubble!

All of this, caused by Zhan Lun Hui!

This level of enmity was so great that they could not exist under the same sky!

It was a bloody vengeance that would never be resolved for eternity!

The hearts of everyone from the three Holy Lands were dripping with blood.

Even if they had to chase him to the Yellow Springs, Gu Han and the rest would not let Zhan Lun Hui off!

Zhan Kuang! This main cause of disaster!

Gu Han waved his hand and all the experts from Heaven Saint Palace instantly formed a circle, surrounding the duo that were battling. Everyone looked at Zhan Lun Hui with a crazed hatred in their eyes!

But this battle that was happening before them attracted all of their attention.

A battle between one person and three swords!

Or rather to say, one person was wielding his sword to fight against two other swords!

To be more accurate, against a bunch of swords!

Zhan Lun Hui danced about in the air, his hair a mess and himself practically naked. Yelling loudly as his sword light flashed about like lightning and rain!

Behind him, left and right, that sword flew about, occasionally unleashing a rain of swords, attacking Zhan Lun Hui in a frenzy! And there was also a black, narrow Nine Nether Frost Blade that appeared out of the void from time to time. And every single strike was aimed at the weakest spot of Zhan Lun Hui’s defenses!

From start to end, they did not see the person wielding it!

But these two swords were clearly being controlled by someone hidden! And it was someone who was extremely skilled!

A miraculous level of sword control technique!

Watching that constantly transforming attacks, that excellent control, Gu Han and the rest couldn’t help but feel ashamed that they were inferior.

And every single strike from that divine sword, every single turn and block was extremely profound!

An overbearing attack that no one was able to bear!

Including Zhan Lun Hui! Even if he was an existence that stood at the peak of this world!

Everyone watched the battle unfold silently and anxiously. If not for Zhan Lun Hui’s shocking level of defense, he would have already been defeated and killed! In a situation like this, if one of his defenses missed, he’d instantly be crushed!

But the situation was not favorable. The ‘Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’ that was controlling in the dark was undeniably strong, but he also had its flaws. His skills were not as deep as Zhan Lun Hui. He may not be the winner from this battle of endurance! Even though he was in the advantageous position currently!

This battle was full of dominance! Both Zhan Lun Hui and that sword had an air of condescendance! And their aura already made this clear:

Do not intervene!

No one must intervene!

Anyone who intervened would definitely become the enemy of both parties!

And in fact, in a battle like this, there was no room for a third party to intervene!

Zhan Lun Hui feeling fearful of the joint attack from everyone was still understandable.

But why did that divine sword also exude such a hostile aura?

Right now, if everyone joined in to get rid of Zhan Lun Hui, it would all end well. And there will only be lesser unexpected situations and was the easiest method to resolve it! Dragging the battle out will only give birth to more unexpected situations!

But no one dared to recklessly intervene when facing that powerful divine sword. Intervening meant that they were looking down on the owner of the sword. Offending this grandmaster!

But a certain grandmaster Jun Mo Xie was so angry his lungs were about to explode!

Jun Mo Xie had never been one who followed the rules of the Pugilistic world. As long as it defeated the enemy, that was the best method he acknowledged. So all sorts of unscrupulous methods like poisoning or scheming, was no big deal to him.

If the Blood of Yellow Flame was in his own hands right now, Young Master Jun would have yelled, “Everyone! Let’s go! Chop this old scoundrel up!”

But right now, the Blood of Yellow Flame was acting on his own will. Although it was a lot stronger compared to when Jun Mo Xie was wielding it, this fellow was still extremely prideful And started to talk about some sort of nobleman manners… and fighting fairly! And was even excited… as if he had spotted a prey…

And was even rejecting the Nine Nether Frost Blade in Jun Mo Xie’s hand.

And the most infuriating thing was that this fellow insisted on settling Zhan Lun Hui on its own! Scared that he didn’t get to devour everything alone!

Brother, this is war ah! What sort of heroic quality are you trying to display? You’re the only one present here that is capable of sucking the strength of Xuan cultivators, ah! Jun Mo Xie glared angrily. If he wasn’t worried about exposing his identity, he would have yelled out already!

He decided: after this battle, I’ll definitely teach the Blood of Yellow Flame a good lesson! Let him learn it well! Screwing up at a crucial time like this, insisting to act on your own…

Jun Mo Xie took in a deep breath. Young Master Jun was clear that this was caused by himself. In the records of the Hongjun Pagoda, it was written that: ‘The blade is the Emperor of weapons. The sword, is the Lord of weapons! An imposing magnaminty is the sword of a nobleman. The model of grandeur is truly odd! Never taking risks and doing treacherous work! Of all the ten thousand weapons in the world, only the sword can be considered a nobleman! The sword of a nobleman only cares about his pride! Proud and aloof, looking down at the world, the Emperors of Swords! When the sword is brandished, it is imposing! Treacherous tricks may work momentarily, but it will not allow you to lord for eternity! Always remember this!’

It was the meaning behind this ‘discussion of nobleman amongst swords’ that the Blood of Yellow Flame had completely digested. And was putting into effect.

Which was what led to the Blood of Yellow Flame acting selfishly on its own in this battle!

Zhan Lun Hui let out a loud cry and suddenly soared! Ignoring the daunting attacks from the swords! Rising upwards!

The Blood of Yellow Flame instantly slashed him seven times! Blood barely spurted out when the wounds healed on their own! Jun Mo Xie’s Nine Nether Frost Blade also stabbed him thrice in this instance! At his forehead, heart and dantian!

But they were only three centimeters deep when they were sent flying back out. Then his skin also healed back to before!

Zhan Lun Hui shot hundred zhang into the skies and roared into the heavens! His black hair exploded about! He stood stationarily in the air, looking at the two swords that were charging at him, “Very well! Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master! You have successfully pissed me off this time! For ten thousands of years, there has never been anyone who had left this old man looking this pathetic! You should be proud of this achievement! Even if you die today, it is not in vain of your reputation as the number one expert in the Xuan Xuan Continent for so many years!”

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