Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 47: Skill Scroll - Berserk Fighting Will

Chapter 47: Skill Scroll - Berserk Fighting Will

The Amethyst War Tiger dropped out 12 gold coins, 20 recovery potions, and 5 pieces of equipments and each of them were high class, two of them had a yellow golden glow, three of them had a silver white glow. The gold flashing items were a tiger printed shield and a toothlike gold dagger, the silver equipment were a set of armour and two identical pairs of war tiger boots.

Tiger Soul Shield: Gold Equipment.

Requirement: Level 20 Knight.

Unidentified, unusable.

Tiger Tooth Dagger: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 20 Assassin

Unidentified, unusable.

War Tiger Violent Armour: Silver Equipment

Requirement: Level 20 close combat job

Unidentified, unusable.

War Tiger Boots: Silver Equipment

Requirement: Level 20 close combat job

Unidentified, unusable.

Throwing out some trash equipment from his inventory, Ye Tian Xie put the five gold and silver glowing equipment in his inventory separately. The Amethyst War Tiger was a level 20 Lord Level Boss, so the equipment it gave was naturally around level 20. But these silver and gold equipment, if news were spread about them it would cause a large stir.

Opening the Amethyst War Tiger’s body, two small different scrolls fell out in front of him, one was an ash gray colour, the other was a pure white. Ye Tian Xie picked up the ash gray scroll, as he expected, this was something with an extremely low drop rate, something that was impossible to appear, a skill scroll!

Skill Scroll - Berserk Fighting Will

Requirements: None.

After using, will learn the skill “Berserk Fighting Will. When HP falls below 20% it can be used, after it is used, physical attack power, magic attack power, and move speed will increase by 30%, defense will decrease by 50%, uses 30 MP, lasts for 30 seconds, upgradable.

Berserk Fighting Will…...this was the berserk technique the Amethyst War Tiger used when he was on the verge of dying. And it was clearly more powerful, not only did it not have the harsh requirement to be at 10% like with the Amethyst War Tiger, but it also changed from being a passive to an active skill. 30% attack power and move speed was something that even damage jobs would find hard to achieve even if they used 2-3 support skills. What was more astonishing was…..This was an upgradeable skill. It meant it had the possibility of becoming even stronger.

Ye Tian Xie was not anxious to use this skill scroll so he put it away, then he picked up the other scroll. When the pure white scroll entered his hand, a clear sounding prompt could be heard in his ears:

“Ding…...Congratulations on the Abyss Level Job Change Trial, you may use this “Proof of passing the abyss level trial” with the Beginner Village head to have him send you to the Lost Continent at any time. Because you’ve passed the hardest level trial, we will issue three server announcements, do you wish to hide your name?

“Hide my name?” Ye Tian Xie’s eye twitched, “I’d be crazy if I wanted to hide my name! Also only three announcements aren’t enough, give me at least five! I have to let everyone under the heavens know my name Xie Tian!”

The scroll in his hand was the “Proof of passing the abyss level trial”.

The clear girl’s voice was silent, in the end it did not reply, unknown whether it was speechless or just silently approved.


“Ding…..Server Announcement, the party led by Buried God has successfully passed the Nightmare Level Job Change Trial, as the first team in «Destiny» to pass the Nightmare Level Trial, every member of the party - Buried God, God Realm Shadow, God Realm Starfall…..12 people will all receive Strength +4, Vitality +4, Agility +4, Spirit +4, Luck +1, and Charm +1 and a random piece of bronze equipment as their reward, they will also receive 20 prestige. We hope the other players will keep putting in effort.”


The system prompt that resounded across the Chinese server was like a meteor crashing into a calm lake, sending out countless waves. God Realm Guild…..this name was not unknown, it was a name that represented great strength. It was far ahead of all other players in the past…...While countless players were trying time and time again, while encountering failure after failure, the God Realm Guild had a team that passed the Nightmare Level Trial!

Some people were envious, some people were in admiration, some people could only silently sigh…...these huge forces had advantages that normal players could not compare to. They could amass large wealth with taxes, they had the best equipment, the could form a team that had the best preparation and the best equipment and the best configuration. Perhaps the only people qualified to pass the Nightmare Level Trials were these colossuses of the gaming world.

Outside Beginner Village 12000, 12 white rays shined down, with them, 12 forms began to appear, there were men and women, their jobs varied, their ratio just perfect. The equipment they had were amazing. Bronze Equipments were rare, if a person had a Bronze Equipment, they would be the centre of attention. But these 12 people, each person had at least 2 Bronze Equipments equipped, and on the body of the tall man in front, there was also a white silver glow that could make people narrow their eyes.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, we did it!” Grasping the Bronze box, above his head was the tag “God Realm Starfall” he was excitedly shouting. On everyone’s face was a happy expression. In the Nightmare Level Trial, they had been defeated time and time again, but this time with their incredible strength, equipped with support from luck and their equipment, they met subtle success time and time again until they finally reached the end, finally passing the Nightmare Level Trial.

“Humph, the first one to pass the Nightmare Trial is us, right now the face of that Son of Heaven from Wings of Shrouded Heaven should be quite ugly.” Holding a heavy shield in his hand, the big man named God Realm Heavenly Wall said. He was one of the two Knights in the team, in the trial he had guarded against the most damage. His name was not unknown to the Chinese players, because in «Murder God», he was the God Realm Guilds strongest wall of protection.

Buried God’s vision swept over the Beginner Village, his face revealed a hint of a smile, “We did good…..But we can’t be complacent, Son of Heaven has Eternal Slaughter’s help, he’ll be able to pass the Nightmare Level Trial. Now, we’ll tie up all our loose ends in the Beginner Village in a single afternoon, then we’ll immediately go for our job change in the city, we must establish our influence on the Lost Continent as fast as we can and suppress Wings of Shrouded Heaven!”

For him, Wings of Shrouded Heaven was the strongest enemy, possibly his only match.

Southern “Child of God”, northern “Son of Heaven”, inheritors of the two strongest powers in China, two favoured children the world has its eyes on, whether it was in the game world, or the real world, they never stopped struggling, becoming stronger and stronger as time passes. But in the public’s opinion, the two could be describe as China’s two most formidable men not because of their mutual suppression of each other, but rather because of a person…...

A femme fatale named Liu Qi Yue.

“Young master, news has just arrived…...Dark green wolf’s team has just died in the fifth stage of the Hard Trial fifteen minutes ago. The Son of Heaven’s squad had just entered the Abyss Level Trial two hours ago with Eternal Slaughter, after half an hour they all died. After preparations, they are now entering the Nightmare Level Trial.” God Realm Shadow gave the Buried God the news he just received.

“Humph.” Buried god gave a mocking smile, “Overestimating themselves, the Abyss Level Trial is impossible to pass……”

“Ding…...Server Announcement, player Xie Tian has just passed the Abyss Level Job Change Trial, he is the first player in «Destiny» to pass the Abyss Level Trial, he is rewarded with Strength +5, Vitality +5, Agility +5, Spirit +5, Luck +1, Charm +1, Perception +1, he is also rewarded with 100 Prestige and will obtain the Chinese Server’s first Beginner Village Badge of Bravery, his name will forever be recorded in the «Destiny» history records.”

“Ding…...Server Announcement, player Xie Tian has just passed the Abyss Level Job Change Trial…..”

“Ding…...Server Announcement……”

“Ding…...Server Announcement……”

“Ding…...Server Announcement…...”

Buried God suddenly felt he had a frog in his throat, he could not say another word.

【Although the Berserk Fighting Will’s 30% increase in attack power and move speed seem objective, but no matter how you look at it, it seems like a seeking death skill, but be sure to remember its name. This is not an average skill, it can still evolve step by step, in this book, out of all the perverted skills…..this is number one.】

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