Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 46: Victory!

Chapter 46: Victory!

The Amethyst War Tiger threw its body, its purple glowing claw that could cause fear in the bottom of people’s hearts, facing the doubled mobility of the Amethyst War Tiger, Ye Tian Xie had no way of escaping. His brows straightened, his body sudden bent down, tightly hugging the ground. Suddenly the explosive force of the wind from the lightning claws flew over him, he quickly calculated the position of the Amethyst War Tiger and threw another two shot firecracker. Then he rolled off the stone platform and curled up his body.

Peng! Peng!

The minute he heard the explosion of the two shot firecrackers, his eyes narrowed and the Moment of Destiny in his hands swept upwards. At this moment, they large body of the Amethyst War Tiger flew over him from on top of the stone platform.


When Moment of Destiny had hit the body of the Amethyst War Tiger, a large “Miss” had appeared. They did have a disparity of 10 levels and an uncrossable gap in strength. Ye Tian Xie quickly reacted, lighting a two shot firecracker to throw at the Amethyst War Tiger’s landing spot, then jumping back onto the stone platform. Hearing the two exploding sounds and the roar of the Amethyst War Tiger, followed by the approaching aura of death once again…..

Each time he avoided the attack of the Amethyst War Tiger, it was just like dodging the scythe of the death god. Once is fast, twice is thrilling, thrice is lucky, four times was a miracle…...and ten times…...twenty times…...

In his virtual gaming career, he once kited a Lord Level Boss to death with just a bow, from beginning to end he did not get hit once by the Boss. Soloing a Lord Level Boss was a legendary feat, but right now the test Ye Tian Xie faced was even more difficult than beating a Boss without being hurt, it was one of his crowning achievements in his long virtual gaming career.

The blood in Ye Tian Xie’s body was seething with excitement, each cell in his body was ready to explode at a moment’s notice. At this point he was like a kilometer long thin string, it would only require a gentle breeze to break him. But the minute Ye Tian Xie relaxed his nerves, he would be killed under the tiger’s claws.

The dark man eating flower pollen had been used up, the hanging firecracker had been used up…...even the two shot firecracker had been used up, all the advantages he used to face the Amethyst War Tiger had been used, this was his only opportunity to do this. Because he could no longer buy then two shot firecracker and hanging firecracker from the Beginner Village anymore. But, he was excited, he did not have a single trace of fear, in his eyes, his mind, his subconscious, it was completely filled with the Amethyst War Tiger’s purple shadow, his tense mind was making the most accurate response for every single movement.

The two shot firecrackers were gone, he focused his mind, looking for that rare, fleeting moment to attack. He should be grateful to the Amethyst War Tiger’s ferocity, even though this put him close to death at any second, but because it was so wild, he had the chance to attack, so he had the hope of beating it.

When a person was focusing very hard on doing one thing, he will feel time pass by very quickly.

But when a person was on the edge of life and death, he will feel as if each second was as long as ten or even a hundred years.

With his extreme focus and being stuck on the edge of life and death, Ye Tian Xie could no longer feel the passing of time, he had no idea of how long had passed.


The claws of the Amethyst War Tiger swiped at Ye Tian Xie again and again, before going berserk, he could still injure Ye Tian Xie from time to time, but after increasing his speed by 30% he was unable to hit Ye Tian Xie even once. Ye Tian Xie’s ability to dodge did not just depend on his beyond ordinary people reaction speed and perception, it also relied on his strong faith and conviction in his underlying survival instincts, so long as he was near death, his body would instantly try to resist and avoid it.



One man, one tiger, their bodies interlocking, a black light swept across the bodies, a yellow critical damage indicator appeared, emptying the last of the Amethyst War Tiger’s HP bar.

The Amethyst War Tiger let out a long roar, its giant body trying to stay up fell forward, falling on the ground, letting out a long sorrowful roar. A variety of flashing items scattered out from his body…...

Large explosion! Truly worthy of being called a large explosion! Lord Level Boss…..this was the first time it was killed, it was killed with a disparity of ten levels and it was killed solo…..anyone of these factors, were all enough to decide that the Amethyst War Tiger would die with a large explosion.

Abyss Level Trial last stage, this normally impossible to defeat by Beginners Level 20 Lord Leve Boss had fallen by Ye Tian Xie’s hands. This was a miracle created by strength and luck, but it was not a miracle that could be repeated. If Ye Tian Xie tried this again, even if it was him, he would not be able to succeed.

The abyss represented despair, but in this despair there existed a glimmer of hope…..leaving hope for Ye Tian Xie and that was Dark Man Eating Flower from the second stage. If he did not have the dark man eating flower pollen, there would be no way for Ye Tian Xie to defeat the Amethyst War Tiger.

At the same time, if he had not bought the strange items from Yuan Que, he would not have been able to defeat the Amethyst War Tiger.

But, this did not represent fate was in his favor. If the people that came to this challenge was not him, but someone else, if they had the same items as him, even if they had a group of 12 people, it would still be impossible to defeat the Amethyst War Tiger. This was a trial for the truly strong.

At that moment Ye Tian Xie let out a sigh of relief, his mind finally relaxed and a deep sense of weakness spread through his body, making it hard for him to resist sitting down and taking deep breaths. He did not know how long it took him to defeat the Amethyst War Tiger, he did not know how many times he was on the edge of death. A touch of an indifferent smile appeared on his face…...he had won, completed the quest that was impossible to complete.

“Ding…...You’ve succeeded in killing the level 20 Lord Level Boss Amethyst War Tiger, Prestige +20.”

“Ding…’ve leveled up to level 11, HP +10, MP +10. Gained 5 free attribute points.”

The clear sound made Ye Tian Xie’s nerve finally fully relax. He stood up straight, returning Moment of Destiny and gradually moved over to the Amethyst War Tiger’s corpse. There, two golden lights caught his eyes.

That was the glow of Golden Equipments!

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