One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 908 - Uncle!

Chapter 908: Uncle!

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“What happened here?”

Wang Chuande walked into the room, only to see everyone standing around awkwardly. A man with a cold and stern figure was sitting with his head lowered. He played with the wine glass in his hand and did not even bother to ask who this new visitor was.

He was instantly displeased.

Gao Nan was helped up by his girlfriend. Raising his head, his smile wholly morphed once he saw this middle-aged man.

“Ergh… uncle…” He was stumped.


Hearing him address this man like so, everyone present on the scene was taken aback.

Du Jiayan widened his eyes in disbelief and then said unhappily, “Hah! Did you mistake him for someone else? Let me tell you; this is Wanke Real Estate’s president. Don’t blindly take him for your relative!”

“…” He gazed at him coldly but was too lazy to bother correcting him. Instead, he walked to the front of the new arrival.

The other man was about to stop him when he spotted Wang Chuande’s expression changing into one of grimness. “Gao Nan, what are you doing here?!”

His legs weakened at these shocking words. As he stood rooted to the spot, his flabbergasted face was incomparably amusing!


Why would this Xiao woman’s boyfriend address Mr. Wang as uncle?

Is Mr. Wang indeed his uncle?

Wait a minute…

Her boyfriend is called Gao Nan?!

Huang Lili, who was standing at the side, was panic-stricken at the situation.

From the very start, she had only focused on Yun Shishi. Therefore, she did not ask about the identity of Xiao Xue’s boyfriend.

It turned out that… this Gao Nan was actually a relative of Mr. Wang!

She was on tenterhooks.

It seemed that this man came from a powerful background. Thinking back on how she had offended him earlier, would he take revenge on her?

The more deeply she pondered on it, the more unsettled she felt. She looked at her boyfriend anxiously, only to see his pale face.

“It’s my girlfriend’s class reunion. I came along with her,” Gao Nan answered truthfully.

His uncle did not show much emotion on his face, but compared to his complexion when facing Du Jiayan, he was slightly more at ease.

Speaking of their actual relationship, the young guy was addressing this middle-aged man as his uncle because the latter was his grandfather’s sister’s son.

Simply put, he was his mother’s older cousin.

His uncle had engaged in politics since his early years. Once he stepped down from all that, he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, and solely relying on his vast connections, he turned Wanke Real Estate into a successful company. In these ten years, it had celebrated many successes and was ranked third among all the major real estate enterprises.

Regarding this nephew of his, he expected better from him. Initially, when this relative was still a lad, he wanted to polish him by sending him into the army.

Alas, his younger cousin doted on her son a lot and refused to heed his suggestion.

After all, he was her only son. How could she bear to send him for training in the army?

He would certainly have a hard time.

Wang Chuande had thus dropped the subject altogether.

He had always been strict to this young chap. Therefore, even when they were in public, he kept a stern face and a firm attitude toward his nephew.

“What is going on here?!”

He interrogated him as he saw the mess in the chamber.

Gao Nan stole a glance at the other couple in the room. He did not want to blow this thing out of proportion. If this matter were to get out, it would be embarrassing for all of them.

It would be shameful if people caught wind of the elite Gao family’s young master being embroiled in a fight with an upstart family’s member.

Therefore, he answered, “Um… It’s a misunderstanding.”

“Yes, yes, yes! Mr. Wang, there’s just a slight misunderstanding between me and your nephew!” Du Jiayan nodded vigorously, effectively discarding any responsibility.

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