One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 909 - It is an honorable attendance from Master Mu

Chapter 909: It is an honorable attendance from Master Mu

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“Oh, I see!” his uncle muttered to himself.

Seeing the mess in the chamber, normally, he would chase everyone out regardless of who started the disturbance.

However, for his nephew’s sake, he decided not to make a fuss.

“Boy, you are no longer young. Stop always thinking about fooling around outside!” he reprimanded.

Naturally, under his reproach, his nephew could only agree.

He turned to leave under a few people’s escort.

This was when Du Jiayan stole a glance at the man seated all this while. As though possessed, he took a step forward and blocked the middle-aged man’s path.

Wang Chuande was stunned. Looking at him from his periphery, he asked coldly, “What?”

“Sir, it’s like this. Today is my girlfriend’s class gathering. It was supposed to be a happy reunion, but a few outsiders got into the mix and caused the scene to turn so ugly! For a high-class place like the Yongye clubhouse, commoners shouldn’t be permitted inside. If they accidentally touch or hit any expensive antiques in this clubhouse, won’t it be troubling for me? Sir, please send people to chase these commoners out of here!”

As he said that, he pointed at the seated man. “It’s him. We don’t even know his identity. The commotion today was started by him!”

This time, he intended to shirk off responsibilities by shifting all the blame onto Mu Yazhe.

He had two reasons for doing this. First, he wanted to save some face in front of this prominent figure and to avoid being labeled as a troublemaker. Second, this man, who just sat there arrogantly, did not sit well with him; thus, he was venting his anger by having this man kicked out in a humiliating way in front of everyone.

This mogul looked at the seated man who was still not saying a word. His back was cold and solemn, and he appeared to be brooding.

Staring at him, he asked, “Who are you?”

The man did not reply.

This made him crease his brows. Having mixed with the famous and the rich for years, he had yet to encounter someone as impudent as this one.

How dare he ignore me?

He was inwardly furious.

Therefore, with one look, the bodyguards around him got the message and started walking toward the man.

At the side, Du Jiayan took pleasure in the disaster that was about to unfold. He was secretly pleased and was dying to see the sad sight of Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi being thrown out of the place.

Huang Lili was trembling with excitement as well.

She hoped that they could vent their anger through this middle-aged guy.

Alas, just as these security personnel reached his side, the man turned around slowly, and his impeccable profile got revealed in this mogul’s sight.

Upon making eye-contact with the man, he was stunned for a moment. His expression then morphed into one of utter shock before stopping everyone at the top of his lungs. “Wait!”

Du Jiayan was appalled by his sudden exclamation.

He gathered himself hurriedly and inquired respectfully, “Sir, what’s wrong…”

Wang Chuande did not wait for him to finish inquiring. He pushed him aside and walked to the seated man at a fast pace.

Mu Yazhe was still sitting there calmly.

This middle-aged man went up to him. Seeing that it was really him, his face quickly broke into a flattering smile. “It’s an honorable attendance from Master Mu…”

The man lifted his hand to stop him. “I’m here to accompany my woman in this gathering; no need for you to make this public!”

The latter shut his mouth accordingly, but the respectful smile on his face never wavered.

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