One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 907 - Fawning

Chapter 907: Fawning

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In reality, though, this clubhouse was all along suffering from a financial loss.

From the piece of land this club was built on and the opulent design down to every decorative vase inside the place, everything was costly. The vases, in fact, were expensive antiques won in auctions.

Despite this, owning a private clubhouse was convenient when conducting business dealings and building connections.

The mogul walked in and held a deep frown when he saw the mess inside the room. He exuded a regal presence as he stood there.

Du Jiayan saw him and greeted politely at once. “It’s President Wang!”

His countenance changed at the sight of this middle-aged man. Unlike the arrogant stance he had shown Mu Yazhe earlier, in a flawless imitation of a lackey, he now waited on all fours in front of this new arrival.

The young man hastily wiped his dirty hand on his pants before extending it respectfully.

Wang Chuande glanced at the outstretched hand from his periphery and studied the man before him. Covered in splotches of sauces from head to toe, the former frowned at his embarrassing state and found it too disdainful to touch his hand!

“Sir Wang, do you still remember me?” the young chap asked humbly and respectfully.

“Who are you?”

“My father is Du Boxiong. I’m his son, Du Jiayan!”

“Du Boxiong?!”

The man cocked a brow as he pondered on it for a moment. He seemed to have a faint impression of this name.

He mingled with the rich and famous on a daily basis and knew many prominent figures. As this family was just a typical nouveau riche, the surname was somewhat obscured to him, and so he did not take it to heart. After all, this was no elite family and needed no further heed.

It became awkward for Du Jiayan when the mogul ignored him and stayed mum despite his fawning!

From how respectful her typically haughty boyfriend was behaving, Huang Lili could guess this middle-aged man’s importance.

Thus, she hastily smoothed her messy hair and hurried over with a hand holding her dress hem. Standing beside her boyfriend, she smiled coyly before the middle-aged man. “How are you, sir? I’m Du Jiayan’s partner, Huang Lili.”

Inwardly, she was wondering bitterly, Is this guy more powerful than my man?

If not, why is my man fawning excessively at him?

This man must have a lofty status.

Wang Chuande did not even look at her.

He had seen plenty in this world and met many women like her who would try to leech off fame and wealth from the rich and famous.

He could tell at a glance what she was like.

This kind of woman was unqualified to talk to him; thus, he ignored her totally and took her as air.

In that instant, when he gave her the cold shoulder, she looked terribly ashamed.

This mister is more important than I reckoned! No wonder he’s ignoring Du Jiayan.

Her boyfriend kept a smiling face for fear of offending this prominent figure, and she made her smile even more coquettish.

“What happened here?”

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