One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 906 - A man cannot communicate with a mad dog.

Chapter 906: A man cannot communicate with a mad dog.

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Xiao Xue had totally lost her cool by then. She pointed her finger frantically at Huang Lili and lambasted.

Deeply embarrassed, the latter glared at her viciously and gnashed her teeth. Her face had quickly turned a few shades darker.

“He he he! What’s so great about having a rich boyfriend?! Have you heard of the Xiao family?! Let me tell you: The Du family is nothing! When you bully Shishi, you’re coming at me, and it means that you’re stepping on my family’s toes!”

“The Xiao family?” Du Jiayan’s face changed as he looked at her incredulously. “Is Xiao Zheng your father?”

“Yes,” she affirmed proudly.

Since Huang Lili repeatedly used her rich boyfriend to put down her friend, she would use her family background to fight it out with her, too.

The woman only sniggered at that. “Are you fighting for justice? Look at your friend’s boyfriend; unlike you, he isn’t even agitated!”

Everyone looked at Mu Yazhe and saw him sitting there all composed and calm. He was twirling the wine glass in his hand silently.

Xiao Xue was rather upset at the sight. She walked up to him and pointed to the other woman. “You… Aren’t you angry? She’s been humiliating Shishi, and you’re fine hearing all that?”

The man slowly drank the liquor in his glass before casually spouting, “A man can’t communicate with a mad dog, after all.”

His words shocked everyone at the scene.

Her agitated look broke into a wry expression, unable to decide whether to stay angry or laugh at his words.

Meanwhile, the couple looked terrible; their faces had sunk at his sarcasm.

What did he say?

Did he just mockingly call us mad dogs?

Du Jiayan was antagonized. He strode up to the seated man and stared down at him, asking derisively, “Do you know who I am?”


“Do you know the Du family in the capital, eh?!” The one standing tried to cause a scene this way.

Having suffered a defeat in front of Xiao Xue, he was trying to win back his pride through him now.

While he could not afford to offend the Xiao family, this was not true for this seated chap before him. A mere junior employee was somebody he could easily trample on.

“I have no impression,” Mu Yazhe replied.

He had no memory of this man’s family being mentioned in the capital.

There was also no news of a wealthy family going by the surname of Du in this city’s high society.

The other man was about to blow a gasket when someone knocked at the door out of the blue; a waiter then entered respectfully.

The clamor in the private room had finally disturbed this private clubhouse’s owner, Wang Chuande.

The man was passing by when he overheard the commotion inside the room. He then ordered a waiter to check it.

This Yongye private clubhouse was just one of the many subsidiaries under his name.

He was most renowned as Wanke Real Estate’s president, and this property company was among the top five in the nation. As a mogul in the real estate field, he was worth tens of billions.

There were many such private clubhouses in the capital.

Before turning this place into a clubhouse, his personal winery was used to gather his business partners.

There must be alcohol when it came to business meetings. It was an unwritten rule among the Chinese that no business deals could be reached sans alcohol.

The man had, thus, spent a fortune transforming this winery into a private clubhouse.

In reality, though, this clubhouse was all along suffering from a financial loss.

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