One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 905 - Flare up!

Chapter 905: Flare up!

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She looked at her face in the mirror. Her brows were furrowed and her eyes swam with complex emotions.

Her period had always come on time.

At most, there would only be two or three days of difference.

Why is it now…

Could it be…

The crowd that was helplessly standing at one side exchanged glances; they did not know what to do about the situation.

Meng Qinghe took a glance at the man seated in an elegant posture. The latter was slowly twirling the wine glass in his hand as he savored its velvety flavor. His eyes, with drooped lids, never once left the conflict.

His indifference made it seem as if he were an uninvolved party in this current farce.

This made him feel secretly surprised; at this juncture, how could this man still leisurely savor wine?

Still, the man did not come across as totally indifferent to all this.

Being a man himself, he could feel Mu Yazhe’s unique aura. Like a respectable man of high standing, he had an arrogant demeanor.

He was no average man.

Secretly, Meng Qinghe was astounded.

He was suddenly sure that this was no simple man what Yun Shishi had claimed him to be.

A company employee?

How could a company employee have such a kingly aura?

This extraordinary aura belonged to a big shot, who had mingled with the rich and famous and dealt with many bloodbaths and brutal obstacles for years!

The scene was a complete mess at this moment.

The table was overturned, and the expensive dishes stained the expensive carpet; it was simply unsightly.

Seeing her boyfriend at a disadvantage, Huang Lili could no longer watch on. She, thus, rushed forward and grabbed Gao Nan’s waist.

The man was momentarily immobile due to her sudden display of strength.

He truly felt nauseous when she bit him hard in the arm.

Seizing this opportunity, Du Jiayan flung his fist into his face.

This fierce punch took him by surprise, and he tumbled backward upon contact. The other took advantage of this to rain him with punches until he collapsed on the floor.

Xiao Xue watched on the sidelines with trepidation. She wanted to join the fray upon seeing the other woman’s despicable method, but she was stopped by Meng Qinghe.

“Why are you stopping me?!” Her eyes shone with fury.

“Why are you getting agitated, too?! Don’t blow up this matter!” He broke out in a cold sweat.

Why did a class reunion descend into such a state?

It was even held at such a luxurious place.

If any of the many antique vases in this chamber was accidentally broken, they would be in even more trouble!

She snarled, “Don’t blow up the matter?! Is it my fault? Are you really defending her even now? Shishi never likes to cause trouble, while this woman is narrow-minded. Now that she has gotten herself a rich boyfriend, she is so smug! What? Does that entitled her to bully my good-natured friend whose boyfriend comes from a family with an ordinary background? For four years in college, she picked on Shishi, but did my friend ever say a word in retaliation?! Four years! My friend spent four years tolerating her; is that not enough?! First, this woman started a rumor about Shishi giving birth to a child out of wedlock; second, she claimed that my friend was a kept woman before! Huang Lili, why are you so vicious? You’re so vile and shameless!”

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