One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4101 - The Other Side 70

Chapter 4101: The Other Side 70

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“May I ask whose name this house will be in?”

Gong Jie turned to Hua Jin and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Hua Jin…”

“Real name.”

“Rong Jin…”


“Write it down.”

“Oh…” The actor simply gripped his pen and signed the contract under the direction of the salesperson. Now he was even more dumbfounded!

“This is…”

He took a closer look and realized that his name was indicated in the column for the owner of the villa.

“What?” Hua Jin was getting increasingly confused. He couldn’t understand what was going on.

Youyou could no longer bear to see the actor in such a state of confusion. Hence while his uncle had gone to make payment, he took advantage of the opportunity and said to the confused man, “Well, Uncle Hua Jin, Natalia is my uncle’s adopted daughter. It’s just that, as you know, his job is a little dangerous so he can’t keep her with him all the time. After thinking it through, you’re the best candidate for the job.”


The actor looked at Natalia, his lips twitching fiercely. “Am I… now a foster father?”

“Uh huh!” Youyou put his arms around the actor and said coquettishly, “Uncle Hua Jin, we now entrust Natalia to you!”

“Wait!” The actor felt his head spinning. He waved a hand and tried to calm himself, finally regaining some of his composure.

He took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and forced himself to calm down. “You mean to tell me this child, Natalia, was adopted by Gong Jie, and then, because he has no time to take care of her, it has become my job?”

The boy nodded. “Uh huh.”

“I…” Frowning, the actor let out a frustrated sigh. “I have no experience with children.”

“It’s not breastfeeding. You don’t need to nurse or pacify her. Anyway, just take care of her as though you’re taking care of me, that’s all.”

The actor listened to all this. It was still not making any sense. Obviously, the fact that he was about to become a “newbie dad” was not sinking in. He turned his empty gaze on Gong Jie, gulped, and said tentatively, “But I usually have a packed schedule… I have to film and stuff…”

Gong Jie suddenly groped around in his pockets as he asked, “How much do you make in a year as an actor?”

The actor was silent for a moment. “That income isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes it’s not.”

“A hundred million?”

“… Can’t get that much.”

His brother raised an eyebrow. Without another word, he pulled out a checkbook, then with a fountain pen, scrawled his signature on a check.

By the time the actor leaned over to take a look, Gong Jie had already signed it for him.

“HSBC. You can just withdraw directly.”

Gong Jie handed him the check. It was actually a blank check! The actor was dumbfounded!

Youyou explained, “You can have however much money you want!”

Hua Jin gulped again…

The house was also registered in his name, along with a check like this…

“I haven’t done anything to deserve payment of any kind…”

“Says who?” Youyou glanced at Natalia and said to the actor, “As long as you take good care of her! As for work, take on a few shows when you have the time. If you’re not, just focus on Natalia. Don’t worry about anything else. Uncle will pay alimony.”

Was this alimony going a little overboard… He didn’t dare take it.

“Just take it and put it away!” Gong Jie grunted.

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