One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4100 - The Other Side 69

Chapter 4100: The Other Side 69

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“Get out of the way!” Gong Jie squeezed past him and walked into the apartment as if he owned the place.


Gong Jie entered the bedroom before Hua Jin could stop him. The latter was stumped.

What was this? Wasn’t this considered trespassing?

Youyou entered the room holding Natalia’s hand. He looked around, puzzled. “Aren’t you up yet, Uncle Hua Jin?”


The actor rubbed his forehead in frustration and nodded weakly. “It’s my day off, so I’m catching up on some sleep.”

“Catching up on sleep?”

“Uh huh.”

The actor said, “I have three days off. Why? What’s up?” He looked down and saw the cute little girl next to Youyou looking up at him. He couldn’t help marveling at her prettiness. And more amazing than that, he realized, she had purple eyes. Taken aback, he squatted down and studied the girl’s eyes intently.

Seeing that Hua Jin was staring at her, Natalia, who was not used to this, hid behind Youyou, clearly fearful.

The actor smiled at her and reassured her, “Don’t worry, I’m not a bad person.

Somehow, as though Hua Jin’s smile was naturally non-aggressive and harmless, Natalia realized that the good-looking man would never harm her. Finally, she gathered her courage and stuck her head out. Blinking her beautiful purple eyes, she studied Hua Jin curiously.

The actor was impressed by her purple irises. He thought she was too young to be wearing colored contact lenses, neither did it look like she was wearing them.

He was rather amazed. He had never seen naturally purple eyes, so he couldn’t help himself from looking at them.

Perhaps she was born with rare eyes!

The actor could also tell from Natalia’s delicate profile that she might be Eurasian. Probably because of her mixed parentage, the color of her irises was different from those of ordinary Asian girls’.

“Her name is Natalia.”


What a lovely name. Hua Jin was about to speak when he heard Gong Jie’s footsteps coming up from behind him and then halted.

“Your house is so small?”

Annoyed by the remark, the actor rose to his feet. “Don’t you know how expensive property is in the capital?” he muttered.

A 100-square-meter apartment like this, in the city’s business district, was worth tens of millions! This man actually thought this place was small!?

Gong Jie glanced at the actor fleetingly and said “Get dressed.”

This confused the actor. “Huh?”

More than an hour later, he found himself in the sales office of one of the villa complexes. He looked at Youyou and Natalia, who were sitting on the left, and then at Gong Jie, who was looking at the floor plans. The salesperson opposite them tentatively asked, “Excuse me, are you paying in full or taking out a loan?”

Gong Jie casually said, “Paying in full.”

The actor’s jaw dropped even further. Huh? Did being rich mean he could do whatever he wanted?! Full payment!?

A villa here was worth more than a hundred million because it came complete with its own furnishings. Did the man just say “paying in full” so casually? Was this guy going to sell him off?

Even as the contract was being signed, the actor was in a daze. The salesperson’s eyes were all lit up!

“May I ask whose name this house will be in?”

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