One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4102 - The Other Side 71

Chapter 4102: The Other Side 71

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“Just take it and put it away!” Gong Jie grunted.

The actor shuddered at the commanding tone and pocketed the check.

After receiving the receipt and contract for the house, Hua Jin got into Gong Jie’s car. Gong Jie instructed the driver to head for the furniture store.

Meikailong Furniture City.

While Youyou sat with Natalia at the dessert corner, Gong Jie took Hua Jin with him and they headed for the furniture section, pointing at various objects along the way. Basically, Gong Jie ordered and signed the bill for whatever he pointed at.


Hua Jin was speechless. As a celebrity, his income had always been considerable. However, it was definitely not to the extent that he could casually splurge a six- or seven- figure sum on furniture.

A set of kitchen cabinets at 800,000, a sofa set at 200,000, a coffee table at 500,000…

He was dumbfounded when he heard the price! Wasn’t that a bit scary…?

He had thought that no matter how wealthy Gong Jie was, he might only be on par with Mu Yazhe. Now it seemed, that might not be the case! Buying a villa was like buying a set of toys, and he was buying these furniture pieces like he was playing house. It was as if the string of zeros on those price tags was just that – it was just a string of numbers to him!

By nightfall, the furniture arrived and appliances were sent to their new home. The actor stood at the entrance of the villa once again, feeling as if a lifetime had passed. What had happened today… He had not been able to react even up till now, it was simply unreal!

Holding Natalia’s hand Youyou led the girl into the villa complex and announced jubilantly, “This will be your new home from now on, Natalia!”

The girl stood at the grand entrance, stunned. It took her a while to recover.

“From now on, do I live here?”

“Uh huh!”


Some of the color came back to Natalia’s cheeks. She suddenly ran to the couch and sat on it. It was made of American leather and provided excellent back support. She felt wrapped up in it!

She relaxed her brow contentedly and smiled at the boy.

“I like this sofa!”

Youyou came over and extended his open palm to her, saying, “Come on, I’ll show you your room!”

“Uh huh!” Natalia took his hand as they walked to her “princess room”. The entire mansion was decorated in American style. The princess room also had a decidedly fairy-tale romance feel to it. The white solid-timber four-poster bed, the pristine white sides, pink curtains, walls in pale pink theme, the beautiful lighting fixtures—all of it exuding a warmth she had never felt before!

“Do you like it?”

Natalia pursed her lips and gave a small nod. “Uh huh … I do!”

“From now on, this is your room!”

“And… what about you?”

“Me? This isn’t my home. It’s your home.”

Suddenly, there was a look of disappointment in Natalia’s eyes. “You… don’t live here?”

“Uh huh.”

“Then who will stay with me?”

She suddenly felt uneasy. “Will I be living alone?”


Five minutes later.

Hua Jin was squatting in front of Natalia with Youyou next to her. “From now on,” the boy reminded her quietly, “he will be your guardian. You may call him Big Brother!”


The actor cut him off. “How does she address your uncle?”

“Daddy.” Youyou added matter-of-factly, “Because Uncle is her adoptive father!”

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