One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3957 - A Perfect Match (153)  

Chapter 3957: A Perfect Match (153)

Liang Yin jumped, even though she expected that Hua Jin would come knocking at some point.

She would have to face it sooner or later. She cracked her knuckles and walked to the door, opening it with great trepidation. Hua Jin stood at the doorway, in a change of casual clothes, glaring at her. The anger on his face was more terrifying than ever.

“Liang Yin!”

“Yes!” Liang Yin stood at attention and then, like a peasant, respectfully welcomed him into the room.

“Boss, don’t be angry! I was just… I was joking, but I didn’t expect the joke to get out of hand!”

“You had an appointment with Gong Jie yesterday?” Hua Jin asked.

Liang Yin did not dare to hide it and nodded.

“You were the one who arranged to meet him here at the hotel!?”

“Mmm…” Liang Yin quickly explained, “I really didn’t expect him to come…”

“What else have you done behind my back?”

“I… I didn’t do anything!”

“Hmph! What a scam! Stupid teammate, how can you scam me like this!” The actor snorted angrily.

However, when Liang Yin came back to her senses, she straightened her back. Obviously his words reminded her of something. She also became angry and suddenly grabbed his collar.

As the saying goes, a woman turns hostile faster than one can turn the pages of a book. Even Hua Jin had not expected her to turn on him so suddenly!

“And you have the audacity to say that about me?! What about you! How did you screw me over?! Where the hell did you go last night?!”

It didn’t take much for the actor to realize what was coming. He looked away guiltily.

“I was only playing a joke and didn’t do you any harm! But what about you? You actually went to Qin Zhou yesterday!?”

The actor retorted, “So what’s the problem?” He didn’t see any issues. Men think more broadly, but women are more sensitive and meticulous in their thinking.

The actor didn’t think there was anything wrong with sharing a bed with his manager. “How does it feel to wake up next to Prince Charming?” he asked.

“What do you mean, ‘how does it feel’?! Give me back my reputation!”

Hua Jin argued, “It’s just sharing the same bed. Is there a problem? How did it escalate to being a matter of reputation?”

Liang Yin sneered. “Ha! Is there a problem!? How did you sleep yesterday?”

“Just like always!” the actor said primly. “I went to bed at his place after my shower.”

“Ha! That’s not all, is it?! You shared a bed with him! If the two of us hadn’t swapped places today, I wouldn’t have known how you ruined my body!” Liang Yin was clearly furious.

But the actor was indignant. “How is this ‘ruining’?”

“I’ve never even had a proper date in all my life, and now I’ve shared a bed with a man for whatever baffling reasons. Don’t you think that’s ridiculous?”

“Why do you call it baffling?” The actor snorted. “Don’t you have a crush on him?” he teased. “I’m trying to create an opportunity for the both of you!”

“Ha?!” Liang Yin became even angrier when she heard this. She was so angry that she laughed. “Is this how opportunities are created?! Your so-called ‘opportunity’ is to create situations for people to sleep together! Besides, you… you were wearing only a bathrobe?”

“Because I didn’t bring a change of clothes!”

“But still… you can’t sleep with… with him!”

The actor’s smile was wicked. “Look, wouldn’t it have been nice if the two of you had gone all the way? You’d have beaten me to it!”

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